Target's new e-gift feature allows recipients to swap their presents's new feature, GiftNow, lets individuals accept their gift or change it entirely before it ships.
8:42 | 10/24/17

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Transcript for Target's new e-gift feature allows recipients to swap their presents
Thanks for all that. Also, our next guest, funny guy, Emmy nominated guy, a mission to make America laugh again, please welcome Denis Leary. ??? Welcome to my house ??? Are you ready? Yes. Hi. Mwah. Hi. How are you? Mwah. Nice to see you. Hi, guys. Hello. Wow. Holy cow. I'm so excited. This is like -- I'm like an anchor on "Good morning America." Right? This is like -- Yeah. This is kind of official. This is it. Oh, my god. You don't have a tie on. George, I'm never wearing a tie again. So like I'm the main guy. I'm in the middle. That's true. Dr. Denis Leary here with "Good morning America." I'm here to announce that George Stephanopoulos is running for president in 2020. And we're not going to use the last name, it's going to be George 2020 and I'm taking over his slot so we're announcing that today. So -- Big news story. He's going to run for president and I'll be a "Good morning America" regular. How is that? Dr. Dennis leer which without a tie, thank you. I am a doctor. All rit. I'm ray celebrity -- are you a celebrity doctor, a fake doctor, celebrity -- I think I am. Really? I hate that. It's true. They give it to anybody, right? So I got one from my ALMA mater and Emerson college and I did well there and graduated with a degree in acting and writing then when I got famous they gave me a celebrity doctor at and it is real. You get it framed and everything, right? So -- Actually wear a white coat here. You're really taking it quite seriously. I take it seriously. I called a good friend, Michael J. Fox, Mike fox who's like -- yeah So I was so puffed up. At first I called my mom. She's like oh, my god. My son is finally going to be a doctor. My Irish immigrant mom. Big move and Mike, I said you're not going to believe this. I'm going to be a doctor. He said, welcome to the club. I go, what do you mean. Mike didn't even finish high school, okay. He was on "Family ties" when he was like 16. He said, I have eight doctorates because they just hand them out to famous people. Great. We'll get you another one. Now I'm upset. Spreeing of handing things out, no, but I'm going to give you a fruitcake. What do you think about that? I'll tell you what I think -- don't applaud. Please. This is -- I just want to say something about fruitcake. I'm Irish. I had aunts that used to make these things and I play hockey. They last longer than hockey. These are not food. You can throw this at somebody in an argument and hurt them, okay. This is the most thoughtless gift you could give to a person. This is like walking outside and going, hey, a rock, let me give it to robin. Merry Christmas. That was -- you just proved the point, fruitcakes are known as the most thoughtless gift. Horrible and have you ever tasted one. No, I have not. Just once. I have not. They're horrible. No, no. The reason I'm talking about this, target is actually trying to combat people receiving gifts they don't like and saying a feature called gift now, sends an e-mail to your recipient. They can either accept the gift you've chosen for them whether it be a fruitcake or choose an entirely different gift. What do you think about that? Before they ship it you can say, no, thanks, I don't want to fruitcake I'll take socks. I think it's brilliant. I'm tired of my kid, adult, 27 and 25. I know it's a cliche when they say what do you want. I say, this rancwrench. Then they buy me sog I don't want and don't get the socks or wrench. So now you can change it. I do like it. I think it's good. Is it already up and running for the holidays? But Dr. Denis Leary, this is his new book out right now and, you know what, we have been -- Can we say the title. You can say it. We can't say all of it. So I'll say it. So you won't get in trouble. Look, we blocked it out, the last word. It's called "Why we don't suck." Hang on and how all of us need to stop being such partisan little -- rhymes with stitches. What are you doing here? I can see it's on the book. Are you blurring it out. Blurring it out right there. You did start with a warning. I start the book with a warning. Listen, here's how I wrote the book because I -- I voted for Hillary Clinton but I didn't want to, okay. I thought she was a terrible candidate. They don't know what to clap for. [ Laughter That's like, Donald Trump, I didn't vote for Donald Trump obviously. I knew Donald Trump. He did a cameo on an ABC sitcom I did years ago called "The job." He also did a tinge on "The apprentice" for my foundation. He was a nice guy. He was generous. He was on time. He knew his lines when he had them memorized but he was a different color. He was white. He was actually -- he made me look like I was a dark skinned person. He was so white so it was a different guy. But he -- whatever you want to say about trump, he has changed the game. So after the election I did -- I do this concert every year for the cancer foundation at T.D. Garden. This year it's November 18th. Yeah. So four days after the election, I did a concert and what I basically did was go up and stage and vent against Hillary and against trump and the audience was explosive so people -- I could tell they had -- half voted for Hillary and half voted for trump so to me I thought I got to write ray book about it because it got more and more divisive and nothing is getting done. So in trump's world which he's changed the game, celebrities can now become president so I think we have to look at it that's why I said George 2020. Weed to to stop -- yeah, let's change the process. I want to have -- talk about so you think you can dance or "Dancing with the stars" we should have a reality show to elect the next president. Someone said we already did that. Right. I mean, because the debates suck. We don't learn anything at the debates so I say you have a 13-week reality show called "President idol" as Howard Stern was calling it or I call it "America's got leaders." Four celebrity judge answer have all these people that want to run for 1 week, give them tanks, make them dance, sing, whatever you want to do and on November 2nd or 7th we vote by phone. That's it. No electric tort college. That's it. The winner is the winner. I mean I think that's the future, you know. Something to think about. It's so scary. Nick lachey would be a great presidential candidate on that show. I'm telling you. Justin Timberlake could be president. I think we need a woman. I want Oprah. Yay. There we go. I want Oprah. There you go. Because --S if. Oprah would be so great because you know every three weeks she'd give us free stuff. You know what I mean. That wouldn't suck. That would be great. That would be awesome. So anyway the book is about -- it starts with the election and just want to remind I'm out to make people laugh their asses off but I want to talk about racism. All the stuff that was so divisive that's still happening, racism and sexism and all that stuff and make people laugh about how twisted we have been in the last couple of years. And that we don't suck. And we don't suck? That is nice and remind ourselves how great of a country we are and like my democratic friends have lost their sense of humor. My Republican friends have lost their sense of humor and nothing is getting done. Look at the carvilles. No, no, no. You don't want me to be president. I'd be impeached within four months. All I would do can just a free beer for everybody. No fruitcake. No fruitcake. No fruitcake. But you can doesn't "Why we don't suck," it's out today. Out today. Are we done?

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{"duration":"8:42","description":"'s new feature, GiftNow, lets individuals accept their gift or change it entirely before it ships.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50671622","title":"Target's new e-gift feature allows recipients to swap their presents","url":"/GMA/video/targets-gift-feature-recipients-swap-presents-50671622"}