Taylor Swift Talks New Album, '1989'

The chart-topping singer discusses her No. 1 album and "secret sessions."
5:59 | 10/27/14

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Transcript for Taylor Swift Talks New Album, '1989'
We have been look iing Ba iing forward to this all morning. She has the number one song on itunes and number one album add that to it. "1989" dropped just before midnight. Nice what you did for fans. Wonderful to have you back. Great to be back. I'm so happy to talk to you again. The first time I interviewed, right over there, you were 14, 15 years old. Row guys have been amazing. You talked to me when I was a kid, 14, before I had a record deal. It's so great to see this friendship keep going. We appreciate it very much. That's the kind of person you are. The reviews have been incredible. I mean, they cannot say the critics, your fans, enough good things about this. Someone said it's a pop tour deforce. That was so cool. I mean, Reading that review where it was like, it's her best work. Hearing that is the most insane thing because, you know, that's how I feel about this album. I feel so without a doubt this is the best thing I've done. So to have people able to timely visit now and have the fans understand what I've been working on for two years. The most amazing feeling. It's electric. People talk about the pressure of making the next one better. No one puts more pressure -- I wouldn't say the word pressure. You have high expectations. You want the next one to be different and something else. You challenge yourself always. But you stay true to who you are. Yeah, I think you have to stay true to who you are at the same time challenge who you are, too, explore the different aspects of what you can create. I think it's always important to remind your fans why they started listening to you in the first place. But, on a new album, give them something truly new. I could have made "Red" twice. Done the same thing over again. Instead, I decided to go in a completely didn't direction. I'm so glad I did. The fans will truly get a new album. You said if cow chase two rabbits, you lose them both. Exactly. In terms of genre. This is my first pop album. I think that this felt like the most sonically cohesive thing to do. The most authentic thing for me to follow. I had been playing warned pop sensibilities. I wanted to do for it. And still, the lyrics. You have a way of really touching on the thing that so many -- so many of your France going through. And you have been consistently so kind to them. I know you open your heart and your home. Those secret sessions. There will be a essential one tonight I hear with I heart radio here in New York City. Absolutely. The 1989 secret sessions was something iid deced to do. The secret gathering op F iing of fans in my living rooms. The fans heard the album a month ahead of time. And they didn't leak anything. Didn't tell any secrets. It was so amazing. Such a bonding experience. The secret session happening with I heart radio tonight is going to be a very special different twist on it. Including fans, including new York, including the new music from the album. I'm so excited. You can hear it on the radio tonight or stream it live. On Yahoo!. You trust your fans. And your fans trust you. It's a two-way street. When they're here, so kind, so thoughtful to everybody here. It's a reflection of what you're giving them and how they're giving it back. It has to be a wonderful feeling for you. I'm so proud of them. That pride is an amazing feeling. I trust them. I trust they're going to be good to each other. They're going to be positive. They're going to be, um, excited and enthusiastic but -- um, you know, they're -- I think they're good people. I think just as a group, it's really awesome. It's been awesome having you here in New York City. You have taken this city by storm. You've been here since may. You're now an ambassador for the city with nyc and company. It's official. We have a little clip of the campaign. Here it is. Houston street. Most commonly confused with the pronunciation Huston street. Y Houston street. Houston, Texas, Houston street. You have adopted this city. You learn a lot when you get here. The cool thing about being named the ambassador for tour iz M is that I'm still learning. But I'm so enthusiastic. When I love something, I'm vocal about it. I'm like, everybody, New York is amazing. They picked up on it and gave me a title. It's a lead track on the album. Welcome to York is the first song on the album. It was a huge landscape for what became this album. And it's affected my life in ways I -- I'm not even aware of yet, fully. We're going to have more with you. You're going to be here on Thursday. And you're going to be back outside for new year's eve. I know. Party. What says New York more than being here in times square for new yeyear's? I'm so excited.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"The chart-topping singer discusses her No. 1 album and \"secret sessions.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26480731","title":"Taylor Swift Talks New Album, '1989'","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-swift-talks-album-1989-26480731"}