Taylor Swift Talks No. 1 Album on iTunes

The seven-time Grammy winner is live on "GMA" discussing her new album, "1989."
3:08 | 10/30/14

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Transcript for Taylor Swift Talks No. 1 Album on iTunes
grammy winner, number one song, number one album on itunes here with us this morning. Taylor swift and all her swif swifties are out here in times square. You just played "Welcome to new York." That is on "1989." And you said all the proceeds from that song will go to benefit New York City public schools. Yes. That's tremendous. I mean, it's just so amazing to be here and having the fans here and having them sing the words to this new album of music. It's unbelievable. You guys are so fast at learning lyrics. I want to thank everybody who camped out last night. A lot of people slept over on the street in times square. Thank you to American Express every day card for paying for the stage. It's a nice stage. It's a really nice stage. I'm appreciative. This is the biggest "Gma" concert ever here in times square. Thanks to you, the biggest ever. And "1989" hasn't even been out a week yet, and already closing in on 1 million sold. Everyone wants to know -- I know, crazy, right? Everyone wants to know, going out on tour any time soon again? I am going to be going out on tour. Very soon. Okay. We're in the early stages of planning the actual show. But I'm really excited about announcing things when I can announce them. But just know, it's going to be happening soon. Yes. And you'll hear it right here on "Gma." Don't worry about that. And it is tremendous what you're doing for New York City, the ambassador you are for that. What is it about the big apple here? Well, you know, I'm new to town. I'm just so excited about them including me in the tourism board. Everywhere I go, I'm like, you need to go to New York. It's my favorite place in the world, it's the greatest city in the world. And I'm so happy to get to play in times square. What is my life right now? And back here for new year's eve, right over there for the ball drop. Glad we don't have to wait for that. When I look out and see your fans and see how they are excited about "1989," and you have said this, when something touches someone's heart, it's about the art. And people appreciate that, don't they? I think so. It's astounding to me how many people have decided to invest in this album and welcome it into their lives. And I just -- everybody who I'm seeing with album covers and everybody on instagram and Twitter and tumblr posting pictures with their albums. It makes me so happy. I worked for this for two years. And for them to want to listen to my stories from the last two years of my life is the most insane honor. I'm having the best week of my life thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"The seven-time Grammy winner is live on \"GMA\" discussing her new album, \"1989.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26569479","title":"Taylor Swift Talks No. 1 Album on iTunes","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-swift-talks-album-itunes-26569479"}