Taylor Swift's Private Boat Tour With Calvin Harris and Joe Jonas

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
3:34 | 06/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift's Private Boat Tour With Calvin Harris and Joe Jonas
Good afternoon I'm Rebecca Jarvis and you're in the top five stories buzzing online right now. Number five pop princess Taylor Swift is getting the royal treatment across the pond in England along with some famous friends. Keep quit hearing this is to Rampage at a private boat tour on the River Thames with boyfriend Calvin Harris. GT indeed edgy he's rumored phone Joseph Jonas. And Carly pop looking totally happy playing the picked real. Zhu also posted this pic of himself and join the boat ride. And it if those aren't Y bills and up. A look at who joined Taylor on stage Saturday night for her London concert. That's model Martha hunt Kendall Jenner Serena Williams currently plus GD had been. The parent that would mean is there any elector who is not currently in KK is worth it I don't think that. NN number for a mango and his creepy Conrad had better watch out a Libyan money showing up some serious fighting field ahead of her role as Iowa an act meant apocalypse. The actor shared this video over recent training session with her boyfriend Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers. Mickey Pate in the background. Rodgers might not have one superhero styling but his fans are loving this video which is going viral on in to grant. Coming in at number three it do you feel the need. They need first feet well it sure looked like Tom Cruise does with this stark said to be returning to the danger zone for. Top gun. You producer David Ellison held collider that crews will be reprise his role as mavericks with the people. Focusing on the star fighter pilot. In the world of one hand and to grow. Truth has previously spoken about his interest in this sequel. Looks like things could be taking up sooner rather even later with a screenplay currently in the work. Coming in at number two loved ones in here this weekend for duct dynasty star John Roberts in the nineteen year old married his fiancee Mary Kate on Saturday. At his family farm in Louisiana with his dad Willie Robertson officiating. It was everything I hoped it would be and ward the bride told us weekly of the big day. If you've gotten gains John John Lee's birthday last October and have been celebrating ever. There's room apparently ready to tie the knot hosting this funny in bigger and video with the caption. Headed to the chapel. Then dangers though. Well nothing says romance like Kenny likens. King rat to the happy couple. And finally at number one if you think you're having a bad case of the Mondays. People look at this or pop who can't even get out a proper Howell. Can do. That's halo and American Eskimo Dog was having a hard time howling at the site rent. His owner says he will bark is. We Dwight Manley but this isn't the only that comes out when he tries to imitate a song or sirens. Practice makes perfect big if we trust you're gonna get there. And be sure to tune in to GM paperwork pop news tomorrow for ABC news I'm Rebecca Jarvis in New York. Have a great day.

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{"id":32109340,"title":"Taylor Swift's Private Boat Tour With Calvin Harris and Joe Jonas","duration":"3:34","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-swifts-private-boat-tour-calvin-harris-joe-32109340","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}