The Tea Party's Batman and Robin: Mike Lee on His Political Partnership With Ted Cruz

Sen. Lee calls Sen. Cruz a political "kindred spirit."
3:00 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for The Tea Party's Batman and Robin: Mike Lee on His Political Partnership With Ted Cruz
-- Welcome -- the fine print I'm just felony -- conversation with senator Mike Lee Republican of -- -- One of the Tea Party originals who won his race and -- ten when no one said he could. Senator thank you very much for joining us the National Journal described -- as the Alfred -- detectors is that man some people said the -- to his -- and Mike Lee. I am -- far. What is your relationship like I first met Ted Cruz shortly after I was elected to the senate in 2010. He told me at the time that he was thinking about running for the senate. We took -- -- long walk around the capital we talk about every issue we -- ago. At the end of but I told them if you do decide to run well of course have to endorse you because I think -- and higher. Politically speaking kindred spirits and -- -- happens. I'm happy to yield for a question without yielding the floor. That's my distinguished colleague. The senator from Texas have you two been under attack or fire by some of your. Republican establishment colleagues for sure even among and between Republicans in the senate sometimes we disagree it's not unusual. But when it happens it's unpleasant it's nonetheless part of the process we've all been elected. From different states. And we come at this from different perspectives one senator described the dynamics inside one of those closed door senator only launches. When several senators were quite angry at senator prison yourself. And one senator told me I've never seen a grown adult talked to like that by another taught me how one senator addressed senator -- -- -- -- meetings. This acrimony seems real not just like any other fight the differences themselves are needed. I mean look -- you don't get to be seventeen trillion dollars in debt. Without a lot of people. Agreeing perhaps even where there isn't genuine agreement those legitimate differences of opinion do need to be expressed in what is the thing about the senate that you most enjoy it. That you -- not anticipating. Before you came to Washington. I really do enjoy the collegiality -- collegiality that occurs across party lines -- -- senator democratic house and the senate I really like. -- two Udall cousins Mark -- from Colorado and Tom Udall. From New Mexico I really enjoyed. Working -- Al Franken. On the Judiciary Committee he's. Really Smart guy and -- really funny guy Al Franken allows I've been a lot of people would be surprised to know that that Michael -- Al Franken. Like working -- -- look we disagree on a lot of issues we happen to agree on some. And in any event we enjoy working together of course it known Harry Reid since I was eleven years old. He and I disagree a lot on matters of policy and yet. I like to -- Now remind me why you've known him since you -- owners hope I live in McLean Virginia for a few years my dad was working for the Justice Department his son Josh and I have been friends. Since the sixth grade there was a story about and locked unit garage -- plants. Well these are real prankster I would I was in the garage they -- of the lock the door entering their house from the inside -- their house and somehow he shut off. The garage door -- -- -- couldn't get out. The he had a way of walking both doors on both sides ever worry they may trying to -- you in the senate. Well it's possible but you know it's not what it's easy to lock somebody in the senate as it is to keep some what is your sense of the health of the Republican Party writ large. We know the Republican Party. Nationally. Is not a monolithic entity but I don't think it was ever meant to be that so I think it's an ongoing struggle it's an ongoing. Dialogue that one that we need to -- one that we shouldn't shy away from. Have some of these divisions notes at the party back in terms of winning some senate seats that ultimately would have perhaps one you control of the senate plan. You can always make a case whenever. A Republican. Runs and loses. You know -- perhaps the the party chose the wrong -- But that's after the fact. -- the fact is we have mechanisms by which we choose our candidate. In this mechanism to inflation reason mechanism to allow -- people to decide who their candidates going to be terribly thank you very much time I appreciate thank you aren't taken. That's all for this edition of the fine print for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm just telling you can follow me on Twitter all week long. -- -- -- we'll see next.

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{"id":20929882,"title":"The Tea Party's Batman and Robin: Mike Lee on His Political Partnership With Ted Cruz","duration":"3:00","description":"Sen. Lee calls Sen. Cruz a political \"kindred spirit.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/tea-partys-batman-robin-mike-lee-political-partnership-20929882","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}