Teacher panhandles to raise funds for school supplies

Teresa Danks, a third-grade teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, announces on "GMA" she is starting a foundation to get school supplies for teachers and receives a surprise donation.
6:27 | 07/25/17

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Transcript for Teacher panhandles to raise funds for school supplies
Right at Oklahoma teacher making headlines. Panhandling for money on the side of the road apply for students classroom supplies. Raising awareness about the need for increased education funding. We had to meet her live adjustable leaving her dad's here. Here's a story for us. Yeah. Teresa Danks has been an Oklahoma teacher for 21 years. But today she's leaving the classroom and heading to the streets and making 35000. Dollars per year she says she spends two to 3000 ever own hard earned cash. For school supplies every year. I mean we are begging. And you know we don't want to comment. But this is evident it. On Tuesday Danks taking matters in our own hands hitting the road and asking others to fund her classroom. Making over a hundred dollars in just one day. I'm not allowed three where honor and no I'm just one voice and many. Over 75%. Of the nation's public schools have at least one teacher posting requests on donors choose a website where teachers ask are finding. And more than half mast per basic supplies like pencils and books. Teresa is just one of many teachers struggling from budget cuts but still fighting every day for her students teachers. I tonight you're. Here is reason handled it. A teacher Teresa Danks who. Are remembering our teachers everyone of us right now bless you bless you bless your notice about something that you. One it to do you weren't seeking. This kind of attention but this brought such awareness how to cook with the idea your husband help your. This average is talking of her back fence stands announced talking about the budget pats and just. The seriousness of the issue and he kind of jokingly said well I guess you can always make assigning go to the streets like the panhandlers in and it. Thinking about you know my dad always told me if you've got a problem find a way to fix it and isolation has sought but. This just might get some of them best out there and get people talking about it and bring awareness that act T the situation says serious across America across. American your dad sit right here did you ever telling her that the take to take action and not to sit back. Hopefully we about a month due to these Conger doesn't problems not be run from not to what she's seeing that she's not running from sir that's for doggone sure. I have heard and we all have heard from so many teachers who have said. They reach into their own pocket. Each and every year and this is what's odd about basic supplies talk pencils and books. And everything beyond that you know any pain with early childhood especially nasty they're great. Hands on project based learning in the just takes a lot to do our job well and educate our children you that said you don't run but. What was a little scary thing or not it was terrifying. I tell my has been on my OK let's see this creek the friendlies miners are thought I was scared but it the quickly. As support in the last what was the reaction what are people saying to you people were our guests like my gosh thank you for doing this thank you for teaching thank you for you know just think he thank you thank you and the one that gotten so emotional she said his teachers like he is. That the reason I'm alive today and that really chechnyan. That higher math. And it started ago refunds this weekend and do you know. Over 121000. Dollars are. If you've got to build a foundation because you know you're just one of many you know many teachers reached out to you I think what is into the town they aren't being passed from teachers across the nation sent. Where at this moment starting out foundation. And to try to help you know get supplies into the hands of teachers across America at that hour call and Sam. And we has to have Argo felony count that even hasn't today. You can donate directly into any arsenal he banked in the state of Oklahoma he left them. Right to the bank and that'll go for the school so guess what the teachers yes but the teachers need like that. Any negative reactions anybody have you heard from anybody what would you say to somebody that says did you did you have to go to these lengths. Yeah out. Maybe not yet blacks nothing else has been working we've got teachers picketing the capitals every single week and they fell and CNET and turning. And you know we just it's Hyatt as the empty promises I want I want to do something to make a difference I didn't know who's gonna make this big of a difference but. I'm glad it's. And you know I don't have to tell you the difference and education makes in in any child's life absolutely harrowing saying that an educated nation is just going to be a better nation. Now. We are we want to help you out as well we have some dear friends. From retail me not so perhaps. I hear from him for you and if you reach into the little pocket advocate a suit from retail me not to try to help folks. Save money some 3000 dollars that is. OK. Portable. Fruitful as well so they try to tell me what's so your final word here Teresa what is your message for people this morning. My message says. Whether you donate CEO acts or you get out in your own community and just visit your local school of vengeance and asked them what they need and and just help out and you know I want to get this message to the legislators in our states. And their legislators across American it is kind of an America and that American children first he and you know really get serious about education what's the teacher that impacted your life. I had a great sixth grade teacher and means too little and he was like. Over 6 feet tall Pacific mr. little mister Daley yes fans I had great and missed pat teacher named after me and then linking Hines and Sarah pillaging and high in Cannes southern Californians just awesome teacher that inspired me. Victoria back for me she lets them but Nichols junior high you know member she said captain from nothing leaves nothing had got to have something you wanna be in my classroom that was cut without. Ticket about the song from their victory just think you know your father's very proud to be what we appreciate it very much.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"Teresa Danks, a third-grade teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, announces on \"GMA\" she is starting a foundation to get school supplies for teachers and receives a surprise donation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48827525","title":"Teacher panhandles to raise funds for school supplies ","url":"/GMA/video/teacher-panhandles-raise-funds-school-supplies-48827525"}