Teacher Turns in $11,000 Cash Found in Road

A South Carolina teacher turned in $11,000 that flew out of a truck in front of her.
3:00 | 04/04/14

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Transcript for Teacher Turns in $11,000 Cash Found in Road
And speaking of money that's exactly what a fourth grade teacher in South Carolina found while driving around on Monday. Jerry white signed on her son were on the road when she saw something fall off of the truck in front of her. Police stopped got out and found more than 111000. Dollars and 100 dollar bills so they snapped back quick stealthy with the money. And then turned it over to the police the sixty year old man whose money it was had also left behind his driver's license in the -- where -- -- the money so he was pretty easy to track. And up by a ton of money going on why does that license have to be here is now at guilty conscious and got it back it's not just about a money. I loved it. They that they had a little fun that's cool that's really afraid that is nice to them by the way of most of these stories you hear about the gets married and kind of get rewarded in some kind of weigh any return the money there's no evidence of that happening and -- -- Mean. Deserves uninsured his little interesting tidbit to there was -- Wells Fargo receipt for 30000 dollars in the back so some people -- -- the other nineteen grand. First -- anyway good for them.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A South Carolina teacher turned in $11,000 that flew out of a truck in front of her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23191605","title":"Teacher Turns in $11,000 Cash Found in Road","url":"/GMA/video/teacher-turns-11000-cash-found-road-23191605"}