Teachers' Hilarious 'Footloose' Back-to-School Parody Goes Viral

Teachers in Union Grove, Wisconsin spoofed the song, "This School," to show students how great it really is to be back.
3:00 | 09/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teachers' Hilarious 'Footloose' Back-to-School Parody Goes Viral
Mike. ? ? The video, two high school uners from union grove, Wisconsin, created a back-to-school video based on Kenny Loggins' hit reminding kids -- that would help reminding kis how great school is so let's take a look at what these teachers put together. ? You got to love school this school put on your brand-new shoes ? ? oh wee Marie show your pride in your team ? ? whoa broncos come on come on let's go ? That's every morning when we come in. We get it grooving in here. Let's welcome head football coach and P. Ex-teacher Jordan Hein and science teacher Mitchell brachmann plus some of the dancers from dancing with the stars here we go, everybody. ? ? ? get that feeling that times are holding me down ? ? there is no ceiling or else I'll tear up this town ? Come on, Michael. ? Now I gotta cut loose footloose kick off the Sunday shoes ? ? please Louise pull me off of my knees ? ? jack get Mac come on before we crack ? ? lose -- Don't tire yourself out. Save some for me. When you think back on that video, I mean, what really inspired you to start making these videos for the students? We had amazing educators in our lives who inspired us to dream big and incredibly proud of our students and staff at union and wanted to show it off to the world and just guild a super fun and engaging learning environment. So how many students do you have participating with you in this video? This year we had just around 40. We have an amazing staff, amazing students. They all loved it. We look forward to doing it every single year if what's next year? What's next year's song because one direction. You did Jason derulo. What is next year's song? Probably going to sit down with Mr. Brooks and his people and see what we can work out and maybe get the "Dancing with the stars" crew involved. We'll see. I tell you what, you guys are dancing with the stars behind you. Let's get "Footalso" everybody. ? ?

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{"id":25243595,"title":"Teachers' Hilarious 'Footloose' Back-to-School Parody Goes Viral ","duration":"3:00","description":"Teachers in Union Grove, Wisconsin spoofed the song, \"This School,\" to show students how great it really is to be back.","url":"/GMA/video/teachers-footloose-back-school-parody-viral-25243595","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}