Teachers from an underprivileged school surprised with supplies, funding live on 'GMA'

Twenty teachers who turned to the website Donors Choose to seek out funding for school projects find out all of their projects have been sponsored live on "GMA."
6:38 | 01/25/18

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Transcript for Teachers from an underprivileged school surprised with supplies, funding live on 'GMA'
To see us on this as we are calling it a thankful Thursday so we're celebrating with a great story about giving thanks and T.J. Holmes at a school in west haven, Connecticut, where some very inspiring teachers are about to get a huge surprise and there he is sitting in the middle of some students. T.J., what's going on? Yes, sir, I am surrounded by 500 fifth and sixth graders and now all these kids love their teachers, right? Everybody loves their teachers, especially Somer. How much do you love your teacher. She loves her teacher so much but they love their teachers so much and the teachers have done such a good job that they've actually, the teachers have gotten sought national recognition from an organization organization called donorschoose.org which is about to give one of these teachers the surprise of a lifetime but also possibly change that school forever. First let me show you how we got here. Here at Kerrigan intermediate schoolteachers go above and beyond but sometimes they need a little help. Resources at this public school are tight. More than half of the 940 students here are from low income households so teachers turn to the community, in particular donors choose. An organization that provides funding for classrooms all over the country. It ensures every student has a chance at an equal education. Reporter: On the donors choose website teachers ask for donations to pay for basic supply, musical instruments, field trip, tablets, even coat, whatever their students need. I'm so thankful and grateful to be supported not just by friends and family but strangers that believe in my classroom. Reporter: 77% of public schools have benefited from den Fors choose donations. More than $625 million has been raised through donors choose over the past 18 years impacting 26 million kids. All: Support our classroom for the future. Reporter: Today the teachers have no idea what is coming. They think only one teacher's request is getting funded but you are not going to believe what is about to happen. All right. Here we go, I am now joined by 20 very nervous teachers this morning. They are here, we got a couple of surprises. They have boxes in front of them. Now, when I tell them, not yet, they're going to open their boxes and whoever has the balloons in their box, that teacher's project on donors choose will be fully funded and get the supplies they want. What the teachers don't know, though, I have been talking back in studio to my colleague, Mr. Michael Strahan and you're live on "Good morning America" in front of millions of people right now. All right. That is the part we did not tell them. So now it's time, kids, we're going to open the box. Now, who thinks their teacher should be the one? Who thinks your teacher should be the one? So you all help me, help me count them down now and, teachers, open your boxes in three, two, one. ??? now, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. If you haven't realized, if you all haven't realized, all of your projects have been fully funded and you're getting all the supplies, every single one of you and we're not just telling them, we're getting their stuff. We actually got your stuff, turn around and your stuff is here. And so -- and, Strahan, if you can still hear me. I hear you. We're talking about books and tablets and chromebooks and all of these things that is going to help these teachers do a better job in their classroom at educating their kids and you can see how -- miss Pitt, you're in tears. Completely overwhelmed. Strahan, what Dow think? Not just one teacher. I know that myself and everybody here we know how amazing that is and how important teachers are. What they do is unselfish, so great but there's a big surprise in store for the school. We're not done. Yeah, this is my moment, right. Run with it. Stra, I want to bring in principal weber who has been helping us put this together. He's been telling lies to these teachers for days about why they have to be here. Never lie to your teachers. But, principal, you see this day in and day out. To see them get this reward is like what. They work so hard. There is no staff more deserving than the people you see in this building and my students too. And we've got a surprise, another surprise for the school, right? Another surprise for the school. And I want to bring in Mr. Charles best, the founder of donorschoose.org and you know what it means when somebody walks up with one of these big boards so tell us what you got. Principal weber, weirdo nating $25,000 to fund more of your teachers' requests in honor -- This is an honor. This is an honor of all the teachers across America who use donorschoose.org to make classroom dreams come true. What a morning at Kerrigan. A day they will not forget. Thank you very much. What a thankful Thursday, I've got to say. That's amazing. To be a part of that. And we have avenue got to thank those teachesers and all you teachers out there up, such a gift you give. If you want to get involved donorschoose.org where the matching donations are made on their website today. If you can donate on their website today, they will match it. I'm doing it. I'm in. I'm in. Let's do it. We're all in.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"Twenty teachers who turned to the website Donors Choose to seek out funding for school projects find out all of their projects have been sponsored live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52593438","title":"Teachers from an underprivileged school surprised with supplies, funding live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/video/teachers-underprivileged-school-surprised-supplies-funding-live-gma-52593438"}