Team USA Beats Japan in Women's World Cup Final

Carli Lloyd leads the American team to a 5-2 victory to win the championship game in this year's famed FIFA tournament.
4:00 | 07/06/15

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Transcript for Team USA Beats Japan in Women's World Cup Final
How about that win for the U.S. Women? Boy, what a game. Here are some scenes. A look behind the scenes. All the celebrations with the trophy. Third U.S. Women's world cup win. Three goals for Carli Lloyd. She was just spectacular. I was watching while make dinner. My little girl said, mommy, they just scored again. I said honey, that's an instant replay. Then 2-03-0, 4-0. Everyone was on Twitter. Millions and millions of tweets about the game. From slebs to president Obama. Like at that map. It shows the reaction to the game. The explosions of red are goals. Four of them in the first 16 minutes. You know who was there? Jesse palmer in Vancouver at the game last night. We're all jealous, Jesse. You should be. It was unbelievable. To watch all that. The U.S. Team avenging the loss to Japan in the final four years ago. They did it with a record-shattering performance. Putting the peddle to the metal and not letting up until they hoisted the world cup trophy for a record third time. Victory. The U.S. Women's national team hoisting their trophy high. Winning a record-breaking third world cup in record-breaking fashion. A quick shot, goal! Reporter: Scoring an incredible five, count 'em five, goals. Goal! Reporter: The fans across the country cheering them on. Team usa claiming redemption, taking the title back from Japan after the devastating 2011 finals loss. I think all I have been saying is, finally, we did it. Finally! Reporter: The game off to a quick start. Carli Lloyd scoring two goals within the first five minutes of the game. By minute 16, usa leading 4-0. Lloyd earning the first hat trick ever with a 54-yard goal in the women's final. Hat trick for Lloyd! Dream come true. Something you wish you could be a part of. National team. Let alone be a world champion. Usa have extended their lead. Reporter: By the second half, the U.S. With a dominated lead. As the clock ticked down, Abby Wambach subbing in. Reporter: And 40-year-old Christie rampone. The oldest player to ever play in a women's world cup. Reporter: And the last remaining member of the 1999 squad. Their legion of famous supporters posting on social media. President Obama tweeting what a win for team usa. Come visit the white house with the world cup soon. Vice president Biden, even in the stands. All: I believe that we will win. Reporter: Team usa sealing their victory by a final score of 5-2. There's just something really special about it. Looking up in the stand and seeing my family there. I mean, we just wrote history today and brought this world cup trophy home. Reporter: Carli Lloyd wasting no time getting back to the president tweeting, thank you Mr. President. See you very soon at the white house. Tell us what was it like being there? Reporter: Amy, it was absolutely remarkable. You would not have known you were in Canada. So many fans donning their red, white, and blue. I would estimate a packed house in the stadium. Probably at least 98% pro-usa. It was a virtual home game. Great energy. It translated to the players, obviously. Easily one of the best sporting events I have been to in my life. You were not the only Canadian there, right? Reporter: I was camouflaged wearing my red, white, and blue also. Very smart. Thank you so much. We're going to talk to the big

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Carli Lloyd leads the American team to a 5-2 victory to win the championship game in this year's famed FIFA tournament.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32245155","title":"Team USA Beats Japan in Women's World Cup Final","url":"/GMA/video/team-usa-beats-japan-womens-world-cup-final-32245155"}