Will New Technology Catch Online Cheaters?

Test monitoring programs like Proctortrack help keep an eye on students during online exams.
3:04 | 09/18/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will New Technology Catch Online Cheaters?
Back now with a look at the new technology schools are using to keep children honest. It used to be a proctor would look at them during exams but with more and more courses online it's now computers doing the monitoring. Here's Mara schiavocampo with details. If a student cheats we'll catch it. Reporter: It's the new technology. A room scan is conducted. Reporter: And catching cheating cyberstudents. Astart according to the rules. Reporter: Watching them through their computers. Click here to start your exam. Reporter: Proctortrak looking for signs of cheating. It's all automated but an algorithm looks for them talking to another person or walking away and having a friend step in. Alerting the school if they notice that things. Everything is contained within our secured servers and the only person who reviews that is the instructor. Reporter: So nobody looks -- a human being doesn't look at the video unless it's been flagged. Exactly. Report but not everyone is comfortable with it like recent Rutgers university gradual Betsy khau. Though she was never flagged as a cheater they use it in their online classes. Can you feel the pressure, anything you do that is deemed suspicious by proctortrak, it will get you in trouble. And it might flag you. Reporter: With online education booming, projected to rake in $32 billion this year, the need for monitoring is growing too. Procteru which has someone watching them in realtime says it submitted 1300 reports to universities for suspected incidents. So we decided to give proctortrak software a spin. First, identity verification with a scan of my face and knuckles which they say can be as unique as thumbprints. Then we intentionally violated the rules. Look the lf was hfing andpuffing. Ke you sometime Gparand Well, en you he COPD, it cane habrrd teathe. Can be Rd to gear out, which N make hard get a I talketo my door. She Sa... Symbicorcould he you brthe BETT, arting whin 5 mites. Symbort does replace a resc inhaler fosu symbict helps ovide significt improvent of youlung funion. Symbort is F COPD, includg chronibronchit anemphysem should T be Tak Mo than twe a day. Icmbntt for Medicinelike forterol crease T risk ofeath fr asthma oblems. Ort maincrease yourisk of LG infectns, teoporos, D some E problem U shouldeloctor if youave a het conditnents are test answers. If you you would just study that take ace lot of time to print the label out. Just study. I was going to ask are you doing this for the teachers or the kids here. "The Washington post" said things to look out for. I'm saying rather than make a label with all your answers, just do the work. Well done. There you go.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Test monitoring programs like Proctortrack help keep an eye on students during online exams. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33855583","title":"Will New Technology Catch Online Cheaters?","url":"/GMA/video/technology-catch-online-cheaters-33855583"}