Teen Heroes Describe Frantic Car Chase to Save Kidnap Victim

Aaron Arias and Jamal Harris witness woman's call for help while stopped at a red light.
2:22 | 09/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Heroes Describe Frantic Car Chase to Save Kidnap Victim
there. Two texas teenagers whose courage and quick thinking saved a young kidnapping victim. They saw her signal distress from the back of a car. Called 911, chased the kidnapper down. And john muller has the dramatic story of this rescue. Reporter: Aaron arias and jamal harris never set out to be heroes. But thanks to quick thinking, that's what they are. I'm witnessing a robbery. Not a robbery, a kidnapping. We're about to turn. And jamal noticed a guy in that lane right there. Reporter: The teens on their way to pick up a friend from work, had stopped in a red light. When they noticed an attractive, young woman in the backseat of the car next to them. We and another guy, we were checking out a girl in the backseat. And okay, she's attractive. And the guy turns back, looking at us. We made eye contact. And I could see the serious expression on her face. I could read her lips. She was saying help me. Reporter: Not sure what was going on, they called 911. How did you know she was saying help me? Could you read her lips? She was just like hitting that back windshield. And she looked frantic. Scared of what might happen, the teens tailed the car for almost half an hour. When the driver realized they were following him, he tried to lose them. Sometimes they would go really, really fast to where we would barely see them. And then, they would go superslow. I was beyond excited because I knew that someone was going to stop them or the police were going to come and get them. And I just really wanted to see it through. Oh, my god. I'm hoping the car behind me is a police officer. Nope. It's not. Reporter: Police caught up to them. This dash cam video shows officers helping the woman from the car. You guys are awesome. Oh, my god. Get him. We were sure he was going to keep going, try to outrun them. There were so many squad car, there's not much he can do. Reporter: Police say the 25-year-old woman whose name isn't being released, was forced at gun point to leave a party. And this morning, charles adkins lewis jr. Is charged with her kidnapping. As for the unlikely heroes who saved the day because they were checking out the woman in the car next to them, they say her gratitude was the best reward. Like, oh, my god. I want to hug you. That was payment for everything we did. Reporter: For "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york.

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{"id":20175709,"title":"Teen Heroes Describe Frantic Car Chase to Save Kidnap Victim","duration":"2:22","description":"Aaron Arias and Jamal Harris witness woman's call for help while stopped at a red light. ","url":"/GMA/video/teen-heroes-describe-frantic-car-chase-save-kidnap-20175709","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}