Teen Millionaire: Jewelry Business Pays Off

Bella Weems started her own company, Origami Owl, because she wanted to buy a car.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Millionaire: Jewelry Business Pays Off
We haven't really impressive story here it's always great to hear those self made millionaires but this one we're about to tell you about is truly extraordinary because. This statement self made millionaire is just a teenager who is challenged by her parents. To start her own company and she succeeded beyond their wildest dreams ABC's Abbie Boudreau has her story. -- -- By -- means may seem like good typical teenager but she's a self made millionaire -- only seventeen years old. This is origami Al all. When Belo was fourteen she turned an ordinary -- -- -- living -- and so we invest in our own charms. And the different colors -- -- and customs change. In just three short years her company origami -- headquartered in Chandler Arizona catapulted into a multi million dollar jewelry empire. On pace this year to make. 250 million dollars in revenue and it all started with the words. I plan. To my parents as -- case I only -- -- carnage in sixteen and their like hot. Now I don't know I have to work for what you have in mind and things can't just be giving to you -- you react she said. But on my friends are getting cars when they're sixteen and she said I don't understand why to I have to work for mining and no one else -- him. -- -- parents told her to start a business and save up her own money so with the help of her family especially her mom -- Or Danielle has taken -- 700 employees. And young though look -- center. Where the 35 company and that and that nation first line. And still this teenage millionaire insists she's like everyone else. I have my friends I go to school like at a public school law -- -- at a theater troupe -- Phone company. -- From bones. She's amazing I'm always knows is amazing good to see what -- your children succeed as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if -- wondering if you bought that car she always wanted. Have you had a chance to thank -- parents for telling you know that yeah volatile. For Good Morning America Abbie Boudreau ABC news Chandler Arizona.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Bella Weems started her own company, Origami Owl, because she wanted to buy a car.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21409739","title":"Teen Millionaire: Jewelry Business Pays Off","url":"/GMA/video/teen-millionaire-bella-weems-jewelry-business-origami-owl-21409739"}