Teens Obsess Over '100 Club' for 'Likes' on Social Media

"The 100 Club" turns Facebook and Instagram into a popularity contest for young teens.
4:11 | 10/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teens Obsess Over '100 Club' for 'Likes' on Social Media
But this AT&T commercial got us thinking. Take a look. My selfie just hit 100 likes. 100! He does that. That brings us to the morning stir. A new social media obsession among teens. That's right, Amy, called the 100 club. It's turning Facebook and instagram into a competition and causing anxiety. Abbie Boudreau has the story. Reporter: From the moment Kayla snaps a selfie -- I just pick the best one. Reporter: Writes a cute caption. I'll put "Good morning America" crew in selfie with Abbie. Reporter: And post it on ins it a dpram, her quest for 100 likes begins. It's called the 100 club. If you're more popular at school, you'll get more likes on the picture. Reporter: The concept is simple. Hitting 100 or more likes on Facebook or instagram post shows your friends how popular you are. Anything less than 100 likes is considered a poor showing, even embarrassing. Like this pic of the back of her head. It only got 70 likes. I'll delete the picture. Reporter: Why? Why would you delete it? Um, because the picture wasn't good enough. Reporter: Her friends are feeling the pressure. Everyone in school gets 100 or more. It gets us wants to be in the 100s. I don't know. It's just not good to be the only person who doesn't have it. Reporter: And all of this anxiety worries Kayla's mom. If it coming up while we're together, I say, it doesn't matter. Make chur of you doesn't need to validate you. That's not you. That's a picture of you. Reporter: Experts suggest limiting your teen's time online. She was relieved to report that her selfie with our "Gma" crew got well over 100 like. Good ps. Joining us parenting expert Dr. Robin Silverman. What is your take? Social media is the new extreme sport. We know that getting 100 likes is now created a competition where the prize is that trophy of getting into that exclusive club where you can feel well-liked and popular. Teens want to feel included. They want to feel like they're doing something that their peers approve of. Not even can get into this club, of course. And, we know that they field like a slap in the face if they're not getting enough likes. What are your suggestions? We showed that clip, that commercial, and Amy and George both chiming in that their daughters are part of that, wanting to be that. What are your suggestions to parents? I talk to them about breaking that like habit. So, find out, if your teen posting photos just to get likes? Because if they are, it's a really slippery slope. It's a self-esteem trap. Make sure your child is out there getting involved, sports, drama clubs, meaningful things where they can create meaningful goals. Also, we want our children to know that it's not about the likes that make them worthy. It's about who they are and the quality of life is not about quantity of likes. Also, adults are guilty, too. We can't just put it on teens. That's a tip I provide. Make sure we have a good example. Because teens know that adults can fall into that same trap. We're going through Facebook and looking for the same kind of feeling of support. Robyn, thank you. Appreciate it very much. Lara? It's Amy, robin. We're mixing things up.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"\"The 100 Club\" turns Facebook and Instagram into a popularity contest for young teens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26480678","title":"Teens Obsess Over '100 Club' for 'Likes' on Social Media ","url":"/GMA/video/teens-obsess-100-club-likes-social-media-26480678"}