Construction Worker Who Fled Fire: 'I'm Going to Die Right Here'

Curtis Reissig recounts the harrowing moments when he narrowly escaped a fire at a work site.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Construction Worker Who Fled Fire: 'I'm Going to Die Right Here'
campaigns coming. We'll turn now to that very dramatic rescue. We first showed you it yesterday, that of a Houston construction worker saved at the last moment from that wall of flames you see there. He is discussing this morning that far too near death experience. ABC's gio Benitez has the story. Reporter: This morning, the man caught in this blazing inferno hanging off a fifth floor balcony is sharing his fiery story of terror and survival. I just said, I'm going to die right here and I said to god, you got to help me. You got to help me out of here. Reporter: Curtis Reissig a construction worker was inside this Houston apartment building when it went up in flames Tuesday quickly turning into a five-alarm fire. His only option, the balcony. I looked back at the building and I sawhe flames were right there right behind that smoke that I saw were the flames. Reporter: The flames licking his clothes, hands and ears, he said he had no other choice but to take a leap of faith. Oh, no. Oh! Reporter: Watch again. Witnesses hold their breath as Curtis hangs and then a swing and a jump right onto the balcony below. That was the only option. That was the only option. Reporter: The flames closing in, Curtis says he was about to jump all the way to the ground. But then a savior through the flame, fire captain brad Hawthorne arrives with his ladder but it's two feet short of the balcony. I waved at him come on. Curtis jumps. Thank you, Jesus. I tried to grab him best I could. Reporter: But they're not out of danger yet. Within seconds a wall of fire comes crashing down barely missing the two men. I've seen the video. I realize how lucky it was. How close it was. I didn't think it was that close when I was there. Reporter: A close call that could have ended much worse. And it was so close that Curtis did sustain some burns, but he is doing well this morning and, in fact, he is already back at work but it's unbelievable to see that wall just sort of coming down. We said it yesterday. You can't imagine a closer call. Step after step. Under pressure, remarkable. Thank you, gio. We turn to ginger with a

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{"id":23079303,"title":"Construction Worker Who Fled Fire: 'I'm Going to Die Right Here'","duration":"3:00","description":"Curtis Reissig recounts the harrowing moments when he narrowly escaped a fire at a work site.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-construction-worker-fled-fire-im-die-23079303","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}