Texas Police Continue Search for 'Affluenza' Teen

Officials are searching for Ethan Couch after possible probation violations.
2:37 | 12/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Police Continue Search for 'Affluenza' Teen
All right, Rebecca, thanks. The latest on Ethan couch who killed four people driving drunk but got off with just probation after his lawyers argued that Ethan was too spoiled to know right from wrong. He's now being hundredsed by police for flaunting the terms of his probation and ABC's Matt Gutman has the story. Reporter: This morning, the Texas teen infamous for that affluenza defense. Affluenza. Too rich for jail. Reporter: Missing. If we have a wanted list today he's number one. Reporter: 18-year-old Ethan couch convicted in 2013 of four counts of intoxication manslaughter going off the radar possibly with his mother last week just days after this video surfaced on Twitter, purporting to show him at a party near a beer pong table but not drinking, the tweeter tagging the local district attorney referring to him violating probation. Couch is prohib bed from drinking during his ten-year probation. Now the d.a.'s office delivering the equivalent of an arrest warrant, possible probation violations skipping a check-in with an officer and that Twitter post. Once that video came out that they felt like that a probation violation could be coming. He'll have to look over the shoulder the Hess of irs life and we'll keep looking and not stop. How many people injured. One, two, three -- multiple. Multiple. I don't even know how many. Reporter: Couch who was 16 at the time pled guilty in 2013 to killing four people in a drunk driving crash. Then 18-year-old says he was so tanked he remembered none of it. Do you remember pulling out of the driveway? S Not really. What's the next thing you recall. Waking up handcuffed to the hospital bed. Reporter: His legal team said he suffered not from memory loss but from affluenza. Arguing the teen frequently lived the life of an adult in this 4,000 square foot mansion. The judge giving him what critics called a wrist slap, a decade of probation. I made it clear to the judge that I believe firmly that if he was put on probation, if he was given another slap on the wrist, if he got away with this there was no doubt in my mind he would be back in the system and someone else would suffer. Reporter: Someone else might be killed by him. Someone else might be killed. He might be killed. Reporter: George, Ethan has never once apologized for killing those four people. That apparent lack of remorse plus his family's wealth and the fact that he seems to be missing along with his mother is causing authorities to fear that not only has he skipped probation check-ins but he might have skipped the country entirely.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Officials are searching for Ethan Couch after possible probation violations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35816812","title":"Texas Police Continue Search for 'Affluenza' Teen","url":"/GMA/video/texas-police-continue-search-affluenza-teen-35816812"}