At Least 6 Dead After Devastating Tornadoes Hit Texas

Storms that hit just after dinner injured at least 50 and damaged or destroyed homes.
2:28 | 05/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for At Least 6 Dead After Devastating Tornadoes Hit Texas
We'll get right to those deadly tornadoes that swooped through texas leaving so much destruction behind overnight. A huge twister and look at this, as well. Baseball-sized hail from the storms. Dozens of homes damaged. Right to sam tracking all the latest. Sam? Yeah, it was a tough night. This is what it looked like. These storms were terribly violent, 80-mile-an-hour wind, three tornadoes popped out of that and the watches and warnings started 6:00 p.M. Imagine how frightening it was at 8:00 p.M. When it moved through two neighborhoods and our steve osunsami is right in the middle of texas, just about an hour west of dallas. Good morning, steve. Reporter: Good morning, sam. You can see which way the tornado came. It pushed what's left of this home across a field and into this thicket of trees. 72 people had to be hospitalized. so many families, so many lives changed in a flash, this vid shows the gigantic tornado falling from the sky smashing through homes in granbury, texas, overnight. There were at least three punishing north texas starting after dinner wednesday night. Got a portion of trees down. Reporter: Skies thickened with dark cloud and rained down baseball-size hail, more than 100 homes damaged or destroyed. It just hit something. Reporter: More than a dozen people reported missing. We need a fox to respond for a critical patient. Reporter: And authorities fear they'll find more dead. Some were found in houses, around houses. Young girl and her leg was -- decapitated. Are you okay, are you okay? Reporter: Families reported smelling gas and worried what's left of their homes would explode. We're still smelling gas. We don't know where it's coming You could hear the gas line on the other side of the road. Reporter: Every second matters. Search crews went from house to house searching for survivors trapped. It's just gone. We made it but there's a lot of people hurt out there. Reporter: It's always amazing to see what happens in just an instant. The twisted metal and broken wood and the areas hardest hit police are keeping everyone out. Families were evacuated. Many of them today will get to see what's left.

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{"id":19191470,"title":"At Least 6 Dead After Devastating Tornadoes Hit Texas","duration":"2:28","description":"Storms that hit just after dinner injured at least 50 and damaged or destroyed homes.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-tornado-video-2013-dead-devastating-twisters-strike-19191470","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}