Top Tips for Thanksgiving Day Door-Buster Deals

Becky Worley offers ways to ensure you choose the correct sales to go after for.
2:17 | 11/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Top Tips for Thanksgiving Day Door-Buster Deals
on black friday. Walmart. Now, to the huge deals this thanksgiving holiday. Should you stay home with the family? Or should you bust down the doors for early best deals? We asked our becky worley to make the call. Dinner or deals? Take a look. Thank you. Reporter: Call it a sign of the times. This year, the insanity of shopping is competing with the sacred triumvirate of thanksgiving, family, food and football. A slew of stores are opening on thanksgiving day. Kmart, walmart, sears, target. You want me to shop on thanksgiving? I think only the turkeys are happy about this. But if you are thinking about skipping the tryptophan to save some cash, well, here's how you do it. Tip one, planning. Circulars, too time-consuming. This is your weapon of choice. Try dealnews.Com to see what they think are the most slogan-hot crazy deals of the year. Next step, define your level of commitment. There's two kinds of discounts. The deals that you can get all weekend long. Then, you have door-busters. These are limited quantity, in-store only items that the stores take a loss on. In other words, bust out your camping gear. THE BIG DOOR-BUSTERS ON TVs. On thanksgiving morning, kmart has a 32-inch lcd, for $97. Sears has a 50-inch l.E.D. It normally retails for $799. It's knocked down to $299. There are other deals. You want an ipad 2? It's at walmart thursday night for $399. And you get a $75 walmart gift card with the deal. The x-box kinect is on tale at target for 30 bucks off. Best buy is bucking the trend and opening black friday morning. They have door-buster tv deals and this asus laptop, for $250. Kohl's is opening on friday. And they have a full-quart programmable slow-cooker for just $29.99. No sale is getting me away from what matters, football. I mean, family. For "good morning america,"

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{"id":17777263,"title":"Top Tips for Thanksgiving Day Door-Buster Deals","duration":"2:17","description":"Becky Worley offers ways to ensure you choose the correct sales to go after for.","url":"/GMA/video/thanksgiving-shopping-deals-black-firday-2012-top-tips-17777263","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}