Thousands of Migrants Seeking Asylum Reach Germany

The humanitarian crisis continues as refugees flee bloodshed in the Middle East.
2:03 | 09/07/15

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Transcript for Thousands of Migrants Seeking Asylum Reach Germany
Thousands of people E fleeing bloodshed in the middle east. Finally making it to Germany. Alex Marquardt has been following the story and joins us from Munich with the latest. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. Almost 20,000 people have arrived here in the past two days. After Germany said they would take all those who come, the local government says 10,000 more are expected today, as this flood of refugees into Europe shows no sign of letting up. Thousands arriving to cheers this Munich. Germans coming out to welcome the refugees with essentials, even chocolate for the kids. They'll allocate $6.5 billion for lodging, benefit payments, and language courses. The hope says the Vatican will host two Syrian families. Urging catholic parishes to do the same. We traveled with them fto Munich. So many people now trying to get to Germany, they all got their tkts for free. Packing these cars. So much so that little one like baby Salina here are sleeping in the luggage racks. Ruha spent two weeks traveling by boat, foot, and train to be reunited with her father. I want to enjoy freedom. I want to do something. I want to get my chance and opportunity and everything. Reporter: And in Munich, a tearful reunion. You think your daughter will have a good life here in Germany? Of course. Reporter: Better than Syria? The best all over the world. This is my opinion. Reporter: And George, just a short time ago, France announced it would take 24,000 refugee, like ruha. The U.N. Expects to announce plans today. No sign of a unified comprehensive european plan to address this crisis.

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{"id":33579985,"title":"Thousands of Migrants Seeking Asylum Reach Germany","duration":"2:03","description":"The humanitarian crisis continues as refugees flee bloodshed in the Middle East. ","url":"/GMA/video/thousands-migrants-seeking-asylum-reach-germany-33579985","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}