Tim Cook on Apple's Initiative to Change Lives in the Classroom

ABC News' Robin Roberts sat down with Apple CEO to discuss how the company is changing the way children learn in the classroom.
4:20 | 08/24/15

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Transcript for Tim Cook on Apple's Initiative to Change Lives in the Classroom
everybody. An ABC news exclusive. Kids going back to school. Millions of them are returning to classrooms without the technology. So many of us take for granted. Apple is part of a growing movement to change that. Aspoke I spoke to the driving force, Tim cook. While the sixth graders in Mr. Moore's social studies class are learning about American reconstruction by producing a news show. Reconstruction brought changes to the south. Reporter: Apple CEO Tim cook is focusing on an academic evolution. That will ensure the students are prepared for the 21st century. Apple is part of the white house initiative called connect-ed. This Alabama school is among 114 others in 29 states starting this school year with brand-new technology that many kids in these schools have never experienced before. I think technology has to be a key part. That's why we're here. I wouldn't be where I am today without a great public education. Too many times today, kids are not given the right for a great public education. This isn't right. It's not fair. Those young people that we just saw in the classroom will now have better access through those iPads. Kids today, they're born in a digital world. Too many kids, when it comes time for the 8:00 bell to ring, go to an analog world. It's not engaging. To help with the reconstruction act. Reporter: The teachers are already noticing a different. What does this mean to you as an instructor? You can do a lot at a faster rate. It's hands on. But everything in it. Last year, we didn't that V that. This is day seven, eight. And we did a -- a whole lot. I remember when president Obama made the commitment. What would be markers for you to say it's working? I think you look for a lot of things. You look for engagement. And you look for how many kids move on the higher education then. So that edge skags is something that desire. Reporter: It's not just about creating opportunities for these kids. It's about the future of the nation. How do we see more diverse si and more opportunities not only at apple. But in all silicon valley? Ments it's a good question. There's not a simple answer. One is there has to be more role models. I think technology in general has not gun a great job of establishing role models. That's changing. That's critically important. Why is that important? N't in one point of view, it's just and right. If people don't accept that, my fundamental belief is that inclusion and diversity inspires innovation. We make better products because we're more diverse. Fast forward 10, 20 year in the future, the best companies in the land will be the most diverse. It's a world I dream of. What would be your three suggestions, tips for a young person, their world is suddenly opening? It's explore. Diz cover. Create. A hint there. Reporter: I T I think we have a new "Gma" staff. Explore. Tim cook is from Alabama. As he told you, a product, a proud product of the public schools there reminded me, back in the day, remember, memorizing the cap also the. Memorizing those things. That's not important anymore. Those answers are a click away on a device. Learning is all about critical thinking. Thinking outside the box, if you will, that will make the biggest difference in a competitive work force and country. These kids were engaged. They were leaning in. I can't remember the last time I went to classroom where you saw them really, really into it and excited about learning. Fantastic. You got to go home. Tuskegee is where you were born. That's my birthbirthplace. Right now, a story about

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"ABC News' Robin Roberts sat down with Apple CEO to discuss how the company is changing the way children learn in the classroom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33277974","title":"Tim Cook on Apple's Initiative to Change Lives in the Classroom","url":"/GMA/video/tim-cook-apples-initiative-change-lives-classroom-33277974"}