Football Food Fight: Tim Tebow Faces Off Against Joe Montana

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse judges the culinary competition between the two NFL stars.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Football Food Fight: Tim Tebow Faces Off Against Joe Montana
Joe mountain and our referee. Never faced each other on the feel. Missed each other by that much but they're ready to go here and this is what it's all about, competition, football food fight and here with their signature dishes to be judged by our dear friend emeril Lagasse who has the referee shirt on. But before we get to the judging, before we get to that, Joe, you're back in the game, the ad game, that is, the papa John's commercial. Yeah, had a lot of fun. I got a shot at papa John's and Peyton. Peyton thinks he's funny. It was actually pretty good. We had a good time shooting the commercial and it aired yesterday for the first time so 30th anniversary, they go back in time, back to '84 and they catch a stowaway on the way back. Looking good. Looking very good. Okay, the time is now. Emeril, before we get started here the criteria you'll be using to judge these two dishes. Well, it's going to be all about taste. It's all going to be about taste, right, taste, simplicity and, hey, the top 12 dishes will have for them later on. You can't be biased. Just because he's won a super bowl -- I'm telling you. Where do you want to start, josh? We'll start here. The young buck. Tell us about this real quick. Well, we got a little game day fill et. And on it 50% dill sauce, 40% zesty Italian, 10% worcestershire shirr and take it up another notch, a little ground pepper, as well. Act like it's all right. All of that and math. Down at the stadium. Meanwhile, Joe, what do we have here? A dry rub. A dry rub chicken wing. Everybody eats chicken wings. Game day. Game day. Here we are. What's a filet? Hey. Mix in a little health food on the side. Some green and Orange. Exactly. All right. Uh-huh. All right, emeril, emeril, there can only be one winner. Only one gets to walk away with a golden football. That costs as much as the super bowl tickets. All right, you ready? Before I declare a winner I got to show you what I got. Everybody likes spinach and artichoke dip. Well, we put them in a sandwich That's just perfect. Oh, yeah. For the vegetarians and people who -- Try that. What are we talking about, people? Straight protein, lean. Emeril. Just did the piece. It's delicious. I got to tell you what, somebody has to win, Tim, I love your filet. I got to go with the chicken wings. No, I got to go with the chicken. I got to go with the chicken wings, brother. I'm going to let the people try it. And still -- Let's be honest. Still undefeated. It's super bowl week. Joe never loses during super bowl week. Who are we kidding? We'll go with the people right now. Tim's with the people. To get the recipes for Tim and Joe's and emeril's recipes, on Yahoo! Hey, guys, Austin Mahone, five blocks down.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse judges the culinary competition between the two NFL stars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22311695","title":"Football Food Fight: Tim Tebow Faces Off Against Joe Montana ","url":"/GMA/video/tim-tebow-faces-off-joe-montana-football-food-22311695"}