Tim Tebow Talks New Book 'Shaken' on 'GMA'

The NFL quarterback-turned-baseball player is live in Times Square to discuss the lessons from his new book and he takes questions from the audience.
4:55 | 10/24/16

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Transcript for Tim Tebow Talks New Book 'Shaken' on 'GMA'
I am here with one of the biggest names and certainly one of the most inspiring people in sports in the world, really. Tim Tebow. You're too kind. You're too kind. I speak the truth. I speak the truth. The former Heisman trophy winner. Baseball player. He has a new book, "Shaken" where he opens up about getting through life's ups and downs. Humble, humble, humble that's you. You're the best. Welcome home. Thank you. Appreciate it. Love being back. We're watching you play baseball. You have game tonight. You're having fun. I'm have something much fun. It's amazing when you do something for the love of it. I'm so fashion gnat about the game and pursuing it. It's so much fun. I gotta tell you, I got so much out of reading your book. Especially how you began the book. I want to say something that you wrote here that's on the jacket. Your circumstances do not define you. Your identity does. And many thought football defined you. That was your identity. But it's -- it has not been. How did you prevent that from happening? I think it's understanding what matters. What's important in your life. Having something bigger than just what you do. When you have an identity that is fwharng what you do, that fails, that crumbles, you can still prevail. Your life is bigger than that. This book is written for so many people that have to go through ups and downs whrks it's your boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you. You don't get that job. You're not good enough. I've been told by a lot of different teams that I'm not good enough. How do you handle that? How do you bounce back? It's to be able to have a foundation of something bigger than yourself. Understand what god says about you. You're important. You have a life of significance and a life of meaning. When you understand your purpose, lit change your identity. It's so apparent throughout the book. Your circle of trust. Your beautiful family. I love how you speak about them. You tell the story about going to the Philippines. Something happened there. That you came back saying, I'm going to be the best quarterback ever. It had nothing to do with sports when you were there. I got meet a boy with his feet on back wards. His name is sher Winn. In a remote jungle. That entire village looked at him like he was cursed because he was born with his feet on backwards. Those are the kids that we're fighting for. Supposed to be loving an encouraging. Leaving that village, I left with tears in my eyes because I wanted to fight for people like that. I wanted to fight for people like sher Winn. Now that's why we have a hospital in the Philippines. We take care of 2,000 orphans. The first kid we brought into the hospital was a little girl who had to crawl for food every day because she was born with her feet on backwards. Now we get to carry those people into the hospital and they walk out with physical, emotional, and I spiritual healing. We want to fight for people that can't fight for themselves. You were born in the Philippines. That's a special place for you. I love the story of sher Winn. You're the big star in town, his friends stayed with him. They knew he would walk to see you. Imagine a village that has never had visitors in the history of the village. Ever. The biggest thing to ever happen. And, for Americans to come and speak but, for them to walk away and stay with their friend because their principal didn't want to have the crippled boy discouraging the Americans. So they leave, their friends stay with them. That encouraged me. Can you imagine in middle school to have a friend that sick and stay with him over the biggest thing that's ever happened? That encouraged me to want to be that type of friend. But to be able to make that type of impact on someone's life. You've made a big impact. A group from Indiana. We have one time for a question. Who wants to be the one. I can do it. So you're one of the biggest names in sports right now. How do you stay so humble? Um -- that's a good question. Thank you. I think humility is hard. It comes not think less of yourself. But thinking of yourself less. Meaning try to look for the people around you and what they need and how you can help them and how you can make an impact in their life. Because, I think the greatest form of love is choosing the best interest of another person and acting on their behalf. You see friends and the people around you, day need help. Be the person to go out of your way to help them, love them, care about them. You never know the impact you'll make. Because he is my right hand, I will not be shaken. "Shaken" is the name of the book. You're all getting it. Everybody around outside is going to get it. You have to hit the road. You have game tonight. Yes, I do. Thank you for making the time for us. Our love you to and your family.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The NFL quarterback-turned-baseball player is live in Times Square to discuss the lessons from his new book and he takes questions from the audience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43006199","title":"Tim Tebow Talks New Book 'Shaken' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/tim-tebow-talks-shaken-gma-43006199"}