Tinder Fires Back After 'Dating Apocalypse' Article

The dating app took to Twitter to defend itself after a Vanity Fair story claimed that the app is creating a "hookup culture."
2:33 | 08/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tinder Fires Back After 'Dating Apocalypse' Article
Tender vs Vanity Fair this morning. The people behind the popular dating app not happy about the magazine's scathing article about how the app and others like it they're changing the eating culture. Tender lashing out an epic Twitter rants here's Dan Harris. It's the wildly popular dating app where users can choose who they liked would often brutal speed. Like right create. Some life left her name. Now Vanity Fair magazine is taking tendered to task and and arguing in a new article there's Tinder and similar ads are destroying their rituals of Borg ship. And her. He's a hook up culture where users say racking up one night stands his kings. After the article came out the off third Nancy Jo sales. Went even further tweeting about 30% of all the senior users. A source close to be single arm and married her a new report from global web index. Ginger reacted wooded tweet storm of epic proportions. Thirty tweets and less than four hours writing that this survey is preposterous thing. And at the vast majority of tender users are looking for meaningful connections. They even attack the integrity of the Vanity Fair articles calling it disappointing. And one sided journalism. What Tinder really did here is they wanted to take this piece and they wanted to defend themselves but what he did is they could be huge spotlight on this piece. And now everyone is reading it. Dander later apologized quoted our intention was to highlight the amazing stories that are sometimes left unpublished. And in doing so we overreacting. But that has not stopped the debate. New York magazine is now weighing in accusing the Vanity Fair reporter of exclusively interviewing young single people. For active sometimes over active contains your users. And almost entirely from men who were constantly looking for casual sex this morning's tender is defending its success in starting real relationships. Telling ABC news their data show the number one reason why people use standard is for dating and meanwhile Vanity Fair couldn't be reached for comment but the reporter is defending her work tweeting journalists are often called unfair for doing their jobs. Raging debate notwithstanding. It's all unlikely to put much of a damper on this lighting and whatever happens next. For Good Morning America Dan Harris ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The dating app took to Twitter to defend itself after a Vanity Fair story claimed that the app is creating a \"hookup culture.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33056712","title":"Tinder Fires Back After 'Dating Apocalypse' Article ","url":"/GMA/video/tinder-responds-vanity-fair-article-blaming-app-hookup-33056712"}