Tips for a Fast and Pleasant Flight

David Kerley gives his tips for a speedier and more enjoyable flight during the year's busiest travel day.
2:14 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for Tips for a Fast and Pleasant Flight
I'm to recruit from ABC news with some tips to make your flying experience a little more enjoyable this holiday season the first one is yet here like Washington Reagan. Early give yourself a lot of times you're not stressing out and prep boarding pass ahead of time before you come if not. Both the airlines that have these apps on your phone which you can check in and you get to boarding pass otherwise when he hit the airport look what American Airlines they've gotten rid of the ticket counter. And all these key authors set up so passengers comes to check themselves in this and is a getting you ready to go your client. Check in already. That's the good news when she checked into moved down to the end of the kiosks and there is one agent. We'll make sure you get your tax for your bags put him in and they had to decline Anderson victim. At security several tips you may want to think about getting one of the fiftieth victory check card. But you get through the line quicker end to the TSA officers records and as you're waiting in line to start taking things out of your pocket I think amount. From in my bag as I wait for the officer to take a look at my IB MI boarding pass and have those reading. Number one hit going through security make sure you know it is in your bats before arriving at the checkpoint you find a lot of guns. We're record this year over 19100 so far in 2014. Suggesting that check your bags. The number one pick before boarding an aircraft have to do with your bags. Smaller carry on bags. They make this process go a lot quicker. They are you. Pretty good thanks and appreciate it. You'll hear the flight attendants C during the safety briefing Deval community felt it's a good idea as they seem to keep the buckled. The entire Communist east you never know when turbulence. He's going to him. And finally. To make the flight more enjoyable for yourself anybody else on board not I was having a great time pleasant. Try to be as nice as you can. And everybody should get there and that a I'm David Curley ABC news.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"David Kerley gives his tips for a speedier and more enjoyable flight during the year's busiest travel day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27200553","title":"Tips for a Fast and Pleasant Flight","url":"/GMA/video/tips-fast-pleasant-flight-27200553"}