Tips to Save Big on Common Car Repairs

ABC News' Linzie Janis reports on some ideas that may help you save money on auto repairs.
2:26 | 06/15/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tips to Save Big on Common Car Repairs
with "Gma on the money." This morning, how the save big on car are E Paris. The average family spends $1,000 on maintenance and repairs per vehicle every year. Linzie Janis shows us how to cut that down. Reporter: The average carton road, 11 years old. Finding a trusted mechanic and a reasonable price can be downright daupting. We called in an expert to help put some money back if your wallets. Alex and Jo are expecting wins the. And need their 12-year-old Volkswagen Jetta fixed before the babies arrive. We can't take the bus. Reporter: After calling around for quotes. Can I help you? These people are useless. Reporter: An estimate of nearly there are 1600. It would hurt us to pay that much for a repair right now. Reporter: We drove if Lauren fix to give us money-saving advice. Tip number one, know the going rate. Use this free app, called repair pal. Every shop could have a different rate. Use the internet and shop around. Reporter: The app finding a much lower quote of there are -- $347. If you're comfortable having someone come to your home, skip the auto shop. They send a mechanic to your door. That's not bad. That is cool, okay. Reporter: Tip number three, arm yourself with knowledge. Find out what that blinking light means. Using plug-in devices. Scan tools great way to save money, if you have a check engine light especially. Reporter: They tell you what's wrong with your car so you won't be upsold. Putting the brake on the bill. They're set to save nearly $1,000. Another common repair, another common repair, broken a/c. You can see this Ford 500. It's getting a new a/c compressor. According to repair pal that should cost between $500 and $800. It's sport to try to get the best deal.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"ABC News' Linzie Janis reports on some ideas that may help you save money on auto repairs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31771097","title":"Tips to Save Big on Common Car Repairs","url":"/GMA/video/tips-save-big-common-car-repairs-31771097"}