Tips to Save on Holiday Travel

ABC News' travel expert Genevieve Brown helps a family save more than $4,000 on a trip to Key West, Fla.
3:11 | 11/27/15

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Transcript for Tips to Save on Holiday Travel
And back now with "Gma on the money" and black Friday is not just about deals from retailers, Dan was looking forward to this story. You can save big on travel at ABC's Rebecca Jarvis joins us again with how to cut your vacation costs even more. Hi, Rebecca. Reporter: Hey, Paula, yes, it is a great time of year for that. We've shown you the great deals on TVs and toys and iPads, but did you know right now is one of the best times of the year to book that travel? Day-to-day life in the Feinstein house is -- Very crazy. Three busy kids. Reporter: So a family vacation is a much needed time to keep them connected and relaxed. We need to hit our reset button. Reporter: But their dream vacation to key west is proving to be cost prohibitive. With a budget of $4500, their current itinerary is over budget. The cost dramatically affects our ability to take vacation. Reporter: Enter Genevieve brown, ABC news' own travel insider. Her first point of business, flights and rental cars. They want to fly directly into key west. It's a little more remote than a lot of destinations and that makes it a little bit difficult to get to. Reporter: Instead, always fly into larger airports. Changing the arrival airport to Miami and driving to key west. Philly to Miami. All of a sudden that $480 flight is $138. We have now taken the price of your flights from $2400 to $700. Wow. Reporter: That's a savings of $1700. Rental cars, intermediate car priced at $33 a day, that's a big difference from $78 a day. Reporter: Next hotels. Use hotel booking websites like backbid which asks show at thes to bid for your business or hotelied that uses your social media profile and matches you to hotels. If you're less than 30 days out tayful is great for last-minute deals. Our family wants to stay at a four star hotel. So backbid is finding them a comparable deal for close to $1,000 less. $214 a night. Oh, my goodness. Reporter: With this revised itinerary they're now under budget from over $5,000 to $1720. Reporter: In all our experts saving this family more than $4,000. More than $4,000 in savings. Imagine that. You don't have to because right now like we said is one of the best times of the year to save on those hotel, on those airfares. We've seen a number of offers this morning as low as 75% off and crunched the Numbers on this. They found that December 1st if you want to get the very best deals on hotels, December 1st is the day to book on average, 15% off, Dan and Paula, so all I ask is where are we going? That's exactly right. We'll get back with you on that one. How about that? Under budget. That is music to our ears. We can invite everybody actually. I think we can expand the party. We can let rob come out from behind the weather wall. It's going to be awesome.

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{"id":35442616,"title":"Tips to Save on Holiday Travel","duration":"3:11","description":"ABC News' travel expert Genevieve Brown helps a family save more than $4,000 on a trip to Key West, Fla.","url":"/GMA/video/tips-save-holiday-travel-35442616","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}