Tips to Save Money on College

Sending your kid to college shouldn't send you over the financial cliff.
2:54 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Tips to Save Money on College
They customers are finding out that back to school means back to the bank accounts are you surprised how much it costs just sit. Get to -- off. Yes -- new -- a mini fridge microwave laptop textbooks it's all adding up think if there -- read by your whole life. And that's expensive -- -- expect them. But let -- -- funny -- author of zero debt for college grad says sending your kids to college. Should it send you over the company -- -- Tip number one for big ticket items -- -- minute by minute. -- decide dot com you can track products like this laptop we -- dropping from 452. Dollars to 349. Dollars. -- -- -- Hillary care to to make sure you get the best price used comparison sites like price Blake it attaches to your browser Aggies -- -- -- We try it out on this mini fridge. Wal-Mart which is went 19. Staples and 39 Amazon went sixty. However I see this item cost -- he. 88 with free shipping and the fun out of your favorite -- has any sales -- apps like shop -- -- reports shoppers are simply walking into retailers like target go how is it popped up welcome turn him. We find exclusive deals for the college kids. And the rest of the family it's two dollars up any bad and redeem our kids -- check out we have 18100 in the -- and to -- every little bit helps -- -- was downton. Forty compared him knocking her -- down 20%. Tip number two you consider buying used textbooks or even of nineteen them. On sites like -- that pop. It could save you forty to 70%. -- basics coming to discuss -- 130 dollars in places. I -- this book on line available for rent. For its cheapest 29 box and for certain gen Ed classes think about the web site boundless dot com. Which offers its own free online textbooks. Of course subjects -- -- -- -- you're reading your textbook on line dances and finally tip number three when you're on can't -- be careful at the school store. Our expert says prices get marked up as much as 40%. And if you're living on campus. Consider leaving your car at home on average college students -- 200 dollars a month on gas alone. -- all -- the average college family. 900 dollars a year you feel like you have everything got all my supplies. -- For young -- I'm ABC's -- -- -- you can find me on Twitter. -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Sending your kid to college shouldn't send you over the financial cliff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19964537","title":"Tips to Save Money on College","url":"/GMA/video/tips-save-money-college-19964537"}