Titus, 2-Year-Old, Basketball Ace Shows Off Skills

The basket-sinking tike stops by Times Square to shoot hoops on 'GMA Live.'
3:35 | 07/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Titus, 2-Year-Old, Basketball Ace Shows Off Skills
Extra special plane today -- -- for all of you watching on the Internet do you remember -- hiatus. There is -- -- two year old who makes amazing basketball trick shots we'll guess what type didn't hear all he knows we kind of name and I think you really. Having an 85 from olive yet there you know I love your seats. Bob frank yeah are -- Can you think I. What's happened -- I know I -- shoot basketballs he'd get an economically. And at a basketball. Yet can you shoot a basketball obviously well. Yeah. Advanced originally commendable you want to show you can be made use of -- And left hander that show us that -- Some -- Okay. -- try again without so both the flu. -- Okay. I could try to have this talent. Well he had been doing -- a little close shots at this time. Then when he made all the way across and it would -- -- He got to do video. Think -- -- attention what happened was we what are we did some shows in New York right when the video of the week the video went viral. Dad turns out Jimmy Kimmel wants one -- dismissed several shots and he played it he's like this kids streets and not edited and so. We -- -- response video -- my body. Ramirez blogs -- challenging him because does that I think is really good -- So he accepted the challenge. -- what happened was we have an -- -- against -- in February and then. We thought oh what a crazy fifteen minutes of fame hasn't been and then the next -- politics we didn't Zambian specials. -- -- -- -- -- Shaquille O'Neal was the best one GOV to -- to zero. Yeah -- actually we're in town to do Katie -- talk show and have a cast of growing. And so is subject again about the season for losing its of that but that's and I -- isn't exactly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's funny because she knows when he's on to Campbell good. Yeah occasional appearances that is nozzles to move from -- Bob. A little bit off due to their you. And every single while ago I didn't -- In an ambulance and -- just I don't like French I. Excited a lot of -- Okay. Yeah. -- I just -- you comment yeah. Yeah yeah. -- -- says yeah. Yeah Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel even agreed to do a cameo and it's all right yeah. -- -- -- comes less Joseph -- John line that's mine and it's my YouTube channel five -- I -- close at some -- -- got about 12100 views now we have about thirteen million so I needed it and it away now like. Your waistline right yeah thirty -- news -- like yeah.

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{"id":19638868,"title":"Titus, 2-Year-Old, Basketball Ace Shows Off Skills","duration":"3:35","description":"The basket-sinking tike stops by Times Square to shoot hoops on 'GMA Live.'","url":"/GMA/video/titus-basketball-video-year-basketball-ace-shows-off-19638868","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}