Today Kicks Off the Regular Season for the NFL

Many teams will be taking a moment to remember the victims of 9/11.
2:33 | 09/11/16

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Transcript for Today Kicks Off the Regular Season for the NFL
Today by the way speaking of sports marks the kick off of the first regular season Sunday for the NFL teams will be. Taking a moment to remember the victims of September 11 and it all comes as we all know amidst that. Clamor over those players who've been net protesting the National Anthem in ESPN's Tony reality. Is on the story hey Tony good morning Dan it's been three weeks since colleague cap predict first protest that the National Anthem. And since then three players have join them by kneeling on the sideline with the NFL planning a league wide tribute for the fifteenth anniversary of September 11. The spotlight is firmly on those sidelines. And one team is ready to make a statement. This morning to Seattle Seahawks and ethical stand together and illegal arms in unity during the national land. X wide receiver Doug bald winning quarterback Russell Wilson among the players tweeting out this video message. We honor those who. Fought for freedom are we cherish honoring the fallen and the fight for justice and are staying to ensure the riches of freedom and security and justice for all people. Sunday for the tributes in the NFL's opening weekend first responders hometown heroes are members of the military rule beyond the field in stadiums across the country. Under the heroes of 9/11. This Marine Corps drill team with one last practice before taking the field that the titans game. That in a bill by simply recognizing 9/11 and it's great. I've already embraced politics caught a Catholic just adding a different. Wrinkles the NFL anticipating demonstrations to his players follow 49ers quarterback colleague happenings lead of refusing to stand for the National Anthem. As long as Liverpool says a university with it makes is with has dignity respect and I think women are. In a video they'll be seen by millions today and it'll players past and present joining together in a refrain. Football it is America footballers American football is America. That video along with tribute videos each stadium from presidents a bomb and George W. Bush. A reminder of whether the NFL and its country where they were fifteen years ago where they are today. At this some pretty serious and a lot some of the guys have the NFL there's a lot sponsorships and over. Yes I look at same time calling Catholics Jersey's number one have a lot of adults but we've heard from some players don't Walt Bolton was and that he's right there in Seattle Seahawks thought about how. On September Levitt. This country may never been more unified and that's not accepted the case right now fifteen years later no it is not in my happenstance the miners don't play today. They play Monday night it will cap and it should he do another protest would not be coming on September. Thanks thanks thanks to tonight.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Many teams will be taking a moment to remember the victims of 9/11.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42009677","title":"Today Kicks Off the Regular Season for the NFL","url":"/GMA/video/today-kicks-off-regular-season-nfl-42009677"}