Pet Cheetahs Live With Toddlers

The documentary "Cheetah House" follows a South African family that adopted two cheetahs.
2:01 | 05/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pet Cheetahs Live With Toddlers
♪ born to be wild ♪ 7:42. The family raising their children side by side with child cheetahs. They're experienced animal trainers and the kids are aged 3 and 1 and gio benitez has their story. Reporter: It's the incredible documentary making headlines overnight. It's called "cheetah house" filmed at a south african reserve. Look at this. A cheat tra on a leash playing catch, riding in the driver's seat and this. ♪ two cheetahs strolling into a living room playing with toddlers, 1-year-old kayla and her 3-year-old brother treat the cheetahs like household pets. Humans and nature can live together and respect each other. Reporter: When the cheetahs were born about a year ago, hine and kim schoeman didn't think momma cheetah could take care of all four of her baby kitties so the schoemans adopted them. When you raise them, you know, it's extremely strict. You know, you need to establish dominance and respect, first of all, and maintain that. Reporter: We showed schoeman's video to director emeritus jack hanna. These kids are cuddling with the cheetahs. They are. Reporter: And it's okay. The baby cheetahs were raised with them. Reporter: He says they're actually gentle. Farrows of ancient egypt kept them as companions. Hanna says don't try this at home. If I wanted to go out and get a a good idea. This is isn't you think you'll do yourself. Reporter: Schoemans are now training them to hunt. Ironically getting them ready to someday leave the house. Should we go visit their cheetah in the wild someday they'll be in their land rover 100, 200 yards away and be the closest they'll be to it letting it be acheetah. Reporter: For "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"The documentary \"Cheetah House\" follows a South African family that adopted two cheetahs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19141334","title":"Pet Cheetahs Live With Toddlers","url":"/GMA/video/toddlers-live-cheetahs-video-cheetah-house-documentary-african-19141334"}