Tom Brady's NFL Suspension Reinstated

A judge ruled the New England Patriots quarterback will have to sit out the first four games of the next NFL season.
2:08 | 04/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Brady's NFL Suspension Reinstated
Now to the latest development in deflategate. A judge ruling that the patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have to sit out the first four games of next season after all. ABC's linsey Davis has the latest. It goes on and on. Reporter: It Goss on and on, good morning to you, robin. Yes, Tom Brady's four-game suspension is back in play but there are still a number of questions like will he appeal? Will the NFL still enforce the full suspension? One thing that's clear, deflategate is not going anywhere any time soon. Just when you thought it was over, deflategate is back in the headlines with all-star quarterback Tom Brady's playing status once again on the line. Touchdown. Reporter: On Monday a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the NFL. Reinstating the new England patriots quarterback's original four-game suspension imposed by NFL commissioner roger Goodell last may. The court saying Goodell properly exercised his broad discretion and did not deprive Brady of fundamental fairness. Donald Trump disagrees. Leave Tom Brady alone. This decision basically says that roger Goodell has the power to do what the union told him he could do. Reporter: Last year the NFL suspended Brady for four games after an independent investigator found it more probable than not that Brady was allegedly involved with patriots staff in an alleged scheme to take air out of new England's footballs to presumably make them easier to catch during this afc championship game against the Indianapolis colts. I didn't alter the ball in any way. Reporter: Brady repeatedly denied any involvement in the alleged scheme and he took his case to court where his suspension was overturned. On Monday, the NFL said it was pleased with the outcome of the hearing but the NFL players association expressed disappointment saying our union will carefully review the decision, consider all of our options and continue to fight for players' rights. Now, Goodell has said from the beginning this case isn't just about Brady but it's about enforcing the NFL's rights in the collective bargaining agreement. Now, Brady could still appeal this latest decision and take it all the way to the supreme court. Robin. We'll see if he does. All right, linsey, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"A judge ruled the New England Patriots quarterback will have to sit out the first four games of the next NFL season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38673001","title":"Tom Brady's NFL Suspension Reinstated","url":"/GMA/video/tom-bradys-nfl-suspension-reinstated-38673001"}