Tom Hanks, Captain of the "Filmmaking Racket"

The "Captain Phillips" star tells Peter Travers how he prepared for latest role.
11:22 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Tom Hanks, Captain of the "Filmmaking Racket"
Bob pirates. -- -- running water. Walked on the bridge. We have been Morgan white ball on. You know the drill. No I don't want. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition of popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies. And there's no bigger happening anywhere at the movies than right here at Lincoln Center tonight where captain Phillips will -- The new York film festival I have my bad you see -- that lets me in. It's gonna let me and to do an interview with Tom Hanks who stars in captain Phillips. And is giving one of the best performances of his career so come with me we're gonna go past we're gonna find Tom Hanks. And we're gonna find out about captain bill. Very different person I can tell delegates have -- or -- the board is created -- the -- either way either but it doesn't really -- be -- -- -- just enough so that he had a sort of remake everything but talking about the -- captain Phillips and true story anyway a pirates on the high -- and everything you I'm assuming you can do this movie with Paul -- so he could all -- CGI and you -- they think. Staying at home. Explain a little about how. CG I would -- the -- in and out these little tiny windows it was a little we see a blue screen -- -- -- again but now. We there is what we do this all got -- -- got -- ship from the mayor's corporation. We are off off the island of Malta 1012 miles or so it is going back and forth. Was just as uncomfortable and fascinating as as a real. Dreary rusty whole African leadership actually so this is the -- life of a successful actor who has won two Academy Awards. You basically look to software that's what you -- -- So in order to do this where you use use drive the for a fire to -- -- get off at Robertson every day to drive down the Culver City. -- all are. You go down that you climb up just climbing up onto the ship every day of those forty -- -- it's it's it's an immersive acting experience where some of -- work is done for you just because that's what. Let's do some due diligence about those that don't know who Richard Phillips was in 2009 meets all the headlines but this movie goes way beyond what was he was -- he was -- captain he was professional -- -- as he would -- what -- of the -- -- had a long career as a guy who. -- it was it would charge of ships. Traveling all over the world and in this case he was in. The gulf of is in the gulf of -- anyway off of -- the Horn of Africa. Doing nothing except what -- done every day this carrying big cargo containers from. I think all mom and two in -- these excuse -- here to -- mom -- and a couple of other spots. And which is a hot -- for hijacking and piracy and even though. A big ship like the maersk Alabama had never been boarded -- -- hijacked before low and behold they figured out -- do it. And before he could turnaround he had four guys on board his ship with -- AK forty sentence threatening to kill everybody and you guys on your container ship. At the time anyway there was no way could have weapons I'm one of -- there was international -- that you could not bring weapons into port officially. And there's a common sense ruling that -- -- -- if you have a crew for the 28 28 different. Steve the doors and cooks and -- -- Letting them bring their own guns onboard might not be a good idea especially you can bring booze on -- problem solved problem solving over card games might might react -- -- -- so no there were no weapons. But there was also the feeling that what we're fast and were big so we don't really have anything -- it now it's very very different. And -- because today. The hijackers figured -- away and get on board. All of their safety measures were for not -- opposing thing in media incredible scene of watching trying to buy them back -- there's something. That said well here's the best way to keep hijackers -- you squirt them with fire that'll keep. -- -- it yeah working theory. In theory. -- out of Iraq I was amazed to see the dude that it's bargain as far as they got but given that without you're -- let's. Yeah. Fire -- and -- better back off with acting challenge for you that I know what it is from my point of view looking at it as a viewer but what was it for you. Well it it's it's it's it's portraying I think the awareness. In my case -- what Phillips had going on in his head. He hasn't a load of concerns. Even before the hijackers show up just being Hamlet it was job as soon as those those gifts. Appearances binoculars. He has to see almost this algorithmic sequence of events that he has to -- is going to have to make the right decision. Every time it comes to a fork in the road and if he doesn't it might take a very long time before he got around to doing the right thing again. And his you what can you. -- Certain -- but instinct and trying to portray that -- state. -- that requires substantial work have been a lot of give and -- with certainly with Paul. -- act Roy who was so our cameraman. Again and again. That the two -- Two and -- -- Who you know who eventually we are all where five guys in this tiny tiny little space trying to work out some some. Volatile -- situations. That have to be worked runup to and worked out and carried through every time we did it. What was that they had no acting experience that -- but let's say you know I think about. 20% of the world our story. And -- a lot of factors that differences. If you can get past -- self consciousness and camera. -- -- -- In a lot of ways making movies like -- -- that figure out. That's the rules a little bit but what mark isn't what it is and how you get there on to it. If I think -- -- natural storyteller. And have a sense of pace and motivation and and communicating emotions you can get there I think these four guys have been -- -- act -- -- They had that they've they've had something in that again that as soon as we started doing actually I didn't meet them until. They stormed the bridge lies in that movie Paul -- -- separate. I think Paul wanted to make sure that we all felt like lazy. Out of shape and Italy. Fat white guys -- it well I showed up now. -- have a big records to come to work. But there there was something about the that terror be you know suddenly -- guys remain evacuated these rustic ones that you say work quite well. Anderson -- that -- These these these four guys they're there the -- you're doing many things to tortures. That's an actor you're doing that you in the vomit comet headed that -- you know I don't know where you weren't -- the way you might have been an issue that's out of -- -- yes I -- That was you had Wilson he did an area did these characters you've played live in your head while you're playing the -- is heading to divorce yourself no -- Let's say it's not -- being in a repertory company you know one night one night you're doing important to be leaders the next -- you do and Richard the third you use. You remake you -- them all and end. I sometimes I wish there was a short hair cut. Where you -- -- all you know I'm an electrician for years ago and it just never ever works that way you have to start all over from. From. From a blank canvas shouldn't have to build it up and it and it and it comes about. I think because over -- I think I've learned anything about making movies it's in order to divorce yourself from the external I think I now actually pretty good. Not seeing everything else that goes on the sometimes like you -- with a camera guys and they say and mind your line in my -- or do I didn't see. Sorry -- fans but I got this thing don't and I can't explain how were. Crystal offended by that -- yeah if you guys. That many. But talk about going from -- to use this year alone and you've been onstage in North Africa he he. You do captain Phillips and now at the end of the year for Christmas we all get to see you played Walton all you look like paycheck every when it was the opposite I started with Phillips of digit edgy it is needed and it did it -- -- -- but -- it. Like -- to turn to. Another tact -- to play the Walt Disney I thought nationally with that -- accurate and making me and then it turned did well -- -- you know there are issues right now how. It's me that'll be great Matt Damon and Faisal Al -- bar odd -- get. Well there's a look this is my this my profession is my art my job I have a lot of time in between. So did they really -- start up almost in their own. You know window of opportunity -- use you throw yourself into if you go full tilt and these are two -- Yeah this is I -- I got to play somebody who didn't exist after one yet because had a three real guys -- doron got a place on it all he feared for ever maybe it. If twelve year old thirteen year old boy grow hat came up and said what's that seem to understand -- waters and actor -- Would you come to light filled with look at -- he 2001 space Odyssey and that would be few hours is eight hours -- -- it is art Deco era we end this show and saw. I'll act read talk to your Disney -- progress I've been waiting for this like for six years everybody insistence on everybody's business would kids rate. Big beautiful tomorrow. Starting at the end of every day written by the -- -- -- it's a great big beautiful tomorrow. And tomorrow is just a dream away a man has a dream and that's a start he follows his dream -- mind. And heart and where it becomes a reality. It's a dream come true for you let me -- it's a great big beautiful tomorrow. Starting at the end of every day it's a great big beautiful -- -- And tomorrow. Is just a dream all day. Again. Like this -- rocket. -- its -- and -- electorate that will be on YouTube for the rest of your life and it deserves to be it is that.

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