Toni Braxton Reveals Details About Her Career, Personal Life

R&B singer joins "GMA" to discuss her new memoir "Unbreak My Heart."
4:16 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Toni Braxton Reveals Details About Her Career, Personal Life
We are joined by one of the greatest r&b singers of all-time. Six-time grammy winner, Toni Braxton. She's just written a memoir about her career, her personal life, full of triumph, home and healing. The title is "Unbreak my heart." Toni Braxton. Great to see you again. Been a while. Yeah. You go there in this book. You go all the way back to your childhood. And some people don't know about the strict religious upbringing that you had and how that influenced you. It did. You know, I consider myself a spiritual person. I'm a P.K., a preacher's kid. But growing up for me was difficult. Challenging, I should say. I was told I would never be able to be an r&b singer because it was a sin. I wanted it so bad. I appreciate how -- you embraced your childhood. You're not stiff-arming it and saying anything negative. That's just how you grow up. Exactly. And with all of the sisters. You were harmonizing before you were talking? Before we were talking. Singing in church. The pulpit was my stage. That's the best straining in the world. Everyone thought, as a group, you all would sign that record deal. And you had to deal with the guilt. All my life, guilt. My parents had a dream that all of us would make it at the same time. But when L.A. And baby face just wanted me, my parents were really upset about it. They had dreams for the family. It put a little bar between our family. How did you work through it? We see you now. I'm working through it now. The book is therapeutic for me. I talk about a lot of things. I talk about my family. I talk about my abortion, which I'm embarrassed to talk about. My son had autism. I thought it was because of the abortion. I blamed myself. A lot of things I'm revealing in the book. And you found it to be cathartic, therapeutic. Very therapeutic. I remember when they told me my son was autistic, I thought, you had an abortion. This is god's way of punishing you. Were you raised to be a P.K., and raised religious. Those things. You talk about your son. He's doing well. And you've been active with autism and helping families. How so? When I found out someone paid it forward, I did the same. I used my fame, I should say, to help others and pay it forward on the other side. You had your own health issues, too, which you write about. Lupus. Today is a good day. Lupus L.A. Came to my rescue. I had three doctors. When I found out I had lupus, they told me I would never be able to perform again. And I'm a testimony. I'm here talking to you today. It's an important month or lupus. How about knew music? Baby face. Yeah. The second single coming out soon. We'll be back to perform. Great. And I love performing. I don't know what I was thinking when I was going to retire. What was going through my head. Thank god for friends and family. Your show with your family has been renewed for a fourth season. How is it working altogether now? And where are you as a family? I love my sisters. But doing a reality show can be tough. Really? It is. I know. It causes rifts occasionally. That's true. And we're starting to fight a lot. This season is getting better. We're going through intense therapy on the show. When we get together, we always have fun. And what's the number one life lesson you want people, when they read your book, to get? It's okay to fall down. But it's okay to get back up, too. It's wonderful when you have people to help you. Thank you, Toni. I'm glad you're having a great day. Yeah. Stick around for great music. Toni's book, "Unbreak my heart," one of my favorite songs, is in stores right now.

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{"id":23792043,"title":"Toni Braxton Reveals Details About Her Career, Personal Life","duration":"4:16","description":"R&B singer joins \"GMA\" to discuss her new memoir \"Unbreak My Heart.\"","url":"/GMA/video/toni-braxton-interview-2014-singer-reveals-details-career-23792043","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}