Tony Goldwyn Discusses the Shocking 'Scandal' Season Finale

The actor who plays President Fitzgerald Grant answers all the questions on everyone's mind.
5:09 | 05/15/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tony Goldwyn Discusses the Shocking 'Scandal' Season Finale
you recovered? We were warned that we would be shocked by the "Scandal" finale. And were we ever. Lucky for us, we can get into it, all the plot lines with none other than Tony Goldwyn, known on the show as the one and only president Fitzgerald grant. Thanks for coming in. Thank you, Lara. Major scandal hangover this morning. I have one, too. I want to share with everybody that your cast has not only the most wonderful chemistry but you love and appreciate your fans so dearly. I got to witness you last night, as the show was airing pip was watching your faces. But tweeting away with your fans, legitimately, it's you guys talking directly to them. How is that to get that instant feedback? It's amazing. A lot of them are here today. It's to have that kind of interaction with our fans, we have had it for four seasons. And, our fans are everything to us. We would not be -- I wouldn't be sitting here without them. It's just really fun. It's like a party on Thursday nights. And you guys were shocked by the show as well. Shonda overshot and changed the endings. We tend to shoot shows much longer. She picks and chooses and restructures. There were things we were not aware of. The show is so complicated, I sometimes forget what happens. It's always such a treat to see. Last night was -- it was awesome, I thought. When you were told by Shonda about the final scene. We're allowed to talk about it. It's all over twit person if you want to turn us off, DVR it, the final scene was -- everybody applauded and cheered. There you were. It look like you and Olivia will get your day in the sun. We'll have at least one day in the sun. One night in the sun. The song choice was great. Were you happy to have the ending? Wherp we were at the table read, Shonda doesn't tell us everything. There's so many twists and turns in the show, page to page, I was like, okay, so Fitz and Olivia aren't going to be together. She's going off. She'll be with Jake. I had to make my peace with it. That's Shonda's choice. Until literally the last page, I'm like, yes! It was so well done. That's how we felt, too. However, poor Jake, the guy almost gets killed. Such a pretty good, when Jake says -- you're like, oh, Jake, come back. And what a great guy in real life. Scott is the best, right? You seem like you're buddies. To watch you tweeting there, making fun of each other at the lines you have in the show. Because you don't always get to shoot the scenes together. No, we don't. It's not faked. We're like high school friends. Now, again, like four years into it, we're like a family. It's a's amazing. Last night, at the paley center, I got to moderate with all of you. They were ribbing you about when you direct, which is something I know you would like to do more. Yeah, I have done it a lot. I just sort of do one a year. One a year. They said when you direct, it's hard to wrangle them because they're your pals. Yeah, they don't behave very well. I have to become daddy. Let's go over some of these plot lines. Fitz and Mellie, done? As far as last night goes, he's done. He extended himself and trusted her so much and brought her back in. He said to her, you're my best friend. He really felt invested everything in her and I think he feels so betrayed. He's done. Which opens the door to our girl, Olivia, which I think everybody liked. What about that Lizzie. Portia de Rossi. Just made a series regular. Isn't that awesome. It's not as it seems with Lizzie bear. She was so great last night. Very subtle. She manipulated the whole thing. I was sitting next to her watching the show, I said, ooh, because she has one scene where she's doing something not very nice. There's a little corner of a smile. That says it all. She was backstage telling me, bringing the walls of the house down around my ears. You called that when we were talking earlier in the evening. You said, I don't know about her. I'm a true gladiator. Are you guys glade yaters? Before you were Fitz and the president, 25 years ago, the movie "Guest." Yeah, I was -- 5th anniversary. It's the 25th anniversary this year. Right. I would like to see you behave better this season with Olivia. Try to make it work for us. Leez. I got her. I got her in my arms. You heard it here first. Thank you, Tony. Always a pleasure. So great. Mr. President. "Scandal" returns with season five in the fall.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"The actor who plays President Fitzgerald Grant answers all the questions on everyone's mind. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31067122","title":"Tony Goldwyn Discusses the Shocking 'Scandal' Season Finale","url":"/GMA/video/tony-goldwyn-discusses-shocking-scandal-season-finale-31067122"}