Mommy Blogger on Mission to Inspire Plus-Sized Women

One mom shares personal struggle with finding swimwear.
2:06 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Mommy Blogger on Mission to Inspire Plus-Sized Women
very much. Next in our "gma heat index." Surpri surprising role by h&m. One mommy blogger on a mission to prove the clothing giant has the right abc. Abc's bianna golodryga has the story. ♪ Reporter: They are the image we usually conjure up when we think of women in bikinis, long, lean, flawless. But let's face it, the average american woman is a size 14. Even retailer h&m known last season for this ad has gotten into the bikinis for all women spirit with their new ad campaign featuring this size 12 model. I just want women to be happy at any weight. Reporter: Mom of three, brittany gibbons is on a mission to inspire plus size women. She weighs in at more than 200 pounds and says women like her shouldn't be limited by their weight. I'm comfortable in my skin. This is how I look at this weight. I want other people to see what women look at at real weights. I turned 30 and I became a swimsuit model. Reporter: To make her point she gave a talk in which she strip the down to her bathing suit. But recently she decided she really wanted to wear a swimsuit and not just model one and the search for the perfect bikini was on. When I pulled one out and it didn't work it was actually really emotional and would result in me crying or sitting in my closet. I learned a lot about myself. Reporter: She settled on two options which she shared with her readers. I put the pictures up and the response was immediate. Reporter: The response was mostly positive but not all. How on earth I found a husband or why I'm even allowed to have children around me. Reporter: Not one to let cruel words stop her brittany is unwavering in her mission and even has some unexpected support in the fashion world. I think we all need to just channel our inner brittany gibbons and say, hey, I'm not a perfect size 2. But this is my body. I want to go out. I want to have fun. You might not get in a bikini this year or next year but in two years down the line you'll try it on and that's a huge step for women. Reporter: Bianna golodryga, abc news, new york.

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{"id":19099954,"title":"Mommy Blogger on Mission to Inspire Plus-Sized Women","duration":"2:06","description":"One mom shares personal struggle with finding swimwear.","url":"/GMA/video/top-retailer-hm-unveils-latest-beachwear-real-women-19099954","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}