Tori Spelling Tries to Save Her Marriage

Amidst rumors of cheating, Spelling's husband Dean McDermott checked himself into rehab.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tori Spelling Tries to Save Her Marriage
Let's get to the news on tori spelling. A public rough patch in her marriage as he enters rehab dogged by talk of infidelity. This is our family house. I see us growing old here. Reporter: They're a brand name. Known as tori and dean. This morning, trouble in home sweet Hollywood. Headlines akuding dean of cheating on his wife have swirled since the holidays. Now the actor says he's voluntarily checked himself into rehab to treat undisclosed health and personal issues. A source close to the couple telling "People" magazine they had already tried therapy, so it had to be something drastic. And that the intense therapy gives spelling a chance to understand we he did this and to not take it permly. "People" says Mcdermott is allowed to leave treatment to visit spelling and their four young children. Spelling says she has no comment. Responding to recent reports, Mcdermott says I am truly sorry for the mistakes I have made and the pain I have caused my family. I take full responsibility for my actions. For tori, it's matter of deciding what her bottom line is. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Reporter: It's been a rocky road for the couple, who reportedly began their romance while both were still married to others. Spelling opening up about their money problems. You have a masseuse, a live-in housekeeper, looking for a summer home, room service, the Ritz. Does that get you in trouble? Hearing them all lumped together, it's hard to hear it. Reporter: Now, faced with more tough time, smelling reportedly hopes that rehab helps her husband. As long as we're together, we can work this out. Lit all be okay. So hope that everything is going to be okay. Amen.

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{"id":22197920,"title":"Tori Spelling Tries to Save Her Marriage","duration":"3:00","description":"Amidst rumors of cheating, Spelling's husband Dean McDermott checked himself into rehab.","url":"/GMA/video/tori-spelling-save-marriage-dean-mcdermott-rehab-22197920","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}