Tornado Threatens Florida Residents

ABC News' Indra Petersons reports the latest weather news from across the country.
0:54 | 01/16/16

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Transcript for Tornado Threatens Florida Residents
We do have weather news including agent tornado in Florida and meteorologist indrop petersens is tracking it all. Doesn't it feel like deja Vu from last week? Cape Coral, Florida. This time yesterday an ef-1 struck the exact same region. Look at these winds ripping. About 100 miles an hour, downed trees and here we go again. Let's take a look at the map. Another system is out there again this morning. So here we go, we have already some light showers in the region but watch for that risk of severe weather. So starting around the gulf right around Texas, right in through Florida, still looking at that exact same threat. We're looking at just a slight risk out there but nonetheless all it takes to see similar damage and even the threat for a tornado out there. Rain, more rain, one to two already seen doubling down, another 1 to 2 possible which means the threat for flooding. Bad weather is to blame for a

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{"duration":"0:54","description":"ABC News' Indra Petersons reports the latest weather news from across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36330761","title":"Tornado Threatens Florida Residents","url":"/GMA/video/tornado-threatens-florida-residents-36330761"}