Severe Storm Spawns Tornadoes Killing at Least Three

Deadly, violent spring weather has torn through the South.
2:44 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe Storm Spawns Tornadoes Killing at Least Three
morning is that deadly and violent spring weather tearing through the h. Our extreme weather team has been tracking it all. There is a new risk of more tornadoes right now. Abc's ginger zee starts us off, and, boy, that is one huge tornado. And I've been traveling with that cold front across the nation, tornado watches active in the southeast, parts of virginia, lantic. Lighting up this morning. Through late morning watch for tornado potential. That's very, very important for this morning, but for the rest of the northeast, it's going to be mostly a rain event and heavy rain to start your weekend. Not as bad as it gets up to new york city and boston. Yesterday alone, 124 severe weather reports, one of them south and east of atlanta and that's where we find our rob nelson. Part of the extreme team right now. Good morning, rob. Reporter: Good morning to you, ginger. We're here in eatenton, georgia, where it's still lightly raining and trees knocked down overnight. Crews have been out trying to clean up and get them off the road. A scene that will play out across t as officials begin to clean up and, of course, try to get the power back on for thousands of folks. It's huge. Look at the cows running. Reporter: This is a monstrous tornado caught on tape. I'm looking at it right now. Reporter: Plowing through central mississippi yesterday responsible for at least one death in kemper county where a construction worker was killed. And in pickens county, alabama, the force of the storm downing trees and destroying power lines across the state. In atlanta, georgia, the same system decimated this plumbing company's storage unit. The roof peeled off the building. Reporter: Severe weather is making its way across the country. 15 reported tornadoes in the last two days alone. Tennessee, missouri, mississippi declaring states of emergency. In union, missouri, 150 children are the scare of their lives while attending a youth meeting at this baptist church. We heard there was a warning so we got all the kids into a safe place and then it started to hit and tearing everything up. Reporter: The storm tearing off a portion of the metal church roof. They were pretty scared, but we got them moved pretty calmly and safely. Afterwards we came out to a pretty big mess all over the place. Reporter: Near st. Louis it was an ef-2 tornado that touched down bringing with it winds of up to 135 miles an hour. Things were hitting the house and, you know, the trailer like a train was going over us. Reporter: Demolishing this entire street in hazelwood. You could see and feel the wind coming. Reporter: And, again, three confirmed deaths in this storm so far. What a brutal start to spring. It's been so far.

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{"id":18938728,"title":"Severe Storm Spawns Tornadoes Killing at Least Three","duration":"2:44","description":"Deadly, violent spring weather has torn through the South.","url":"/GMA/video/tornado-video-2013-severe-storm-spawns-tornadoes-killing-18938728","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}