Tory Johnson Shares Extra 'GMA' Deals and Steals

Check out special saving not shared on "Good Morning America."
3:07 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for Tory Johnson Shares Extra 'GMA' Deals and Steals
Can Regis can we just show you off a little I'll tell you where you know or didn't -- about -- Americans -- we look at you look at yeah. -- -- Found -- look at his camera honey it's called the veto plan. It's called the -- of play and you're familiar with -- at six -- All the could be -- -- not this include -- -- not it does not but she emailed me the other night instead have at 9 PM. Boot camp tonight I said thank god I'm in Houston today he has -- -- -- I have to go let her do that. Oh yeah -- anyway what they -- Atlanta you don't get anything they put. So friends that I am reading a book about it with hyperion to come -- -- September and -- like -- marching -- plugging -- September -- of -- -- and it's a great mom and and when you look like that need to blog it's did you bring to the Hopman Cup glory yeah. Yeah because -- -- you need a week's worth of calories morning. Thankfully -- copy. Thank you knowing that -- that's compliment you can see this campaign now even so nice to him can we ever tell you this I never -- -- Working with Sam on television -- well I've never worked with somebody is that on live television to see what I will say that. And I can't imagine and -- uncomfortable I can't imagine working with a better friend saw. OK. -- -- -- -- -- Thank you yet. So that they have predicted -- -- -- the to have you with the pizzas as I read that out. Fell on -- so. Viewers who Wear lipstick and now -- this brand that you parents the bottom lines and bought on line yeah John tell -- about it. It's fabulous colors fabulous company -- fabulous deals said depending on the selection that you choose there's all different packages that -- finally got -- Good Morning America dot com Heidi out of packages starting at 25 dollars but -- -- of course last. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Not work this week that I don't think it's -- -- -- pretty but but look. But look -- -- it -- got to get AM who I just let him. Who did anyone any idea where let's not go because now. -- little -- water have a little -- What is this -- business and natural Wallace. All right -- -- now Torre I'm I know you -- just did this these normally go forward. Don't in the heart of the growing -- -- -- when he buckskin. Dot com I think not only do we have they still will also have other exclusives we have been. Yields -- -- this morning we got so much stuff to get you ready for spring I don't read right. -- -- There you go. Since we've witnesses we separating you from the -- And visibly -- you behind the monitors I'm so sorry I feel like that -- -- -- punished over here so you just over the.

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{"id":18782004,"title":"Tory Johnson Shares Extra 'GMA' Deals and Steals","duration":"3:07","description":"Check out special saving not shared on \"Good Morning America.\"","url":"/GMA/video/tory-johnson-shares-extra-gma-deals-steals-18782004","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}