Selfies Putting Athletes in Danger at Tour de France

Excited fans posing for pictures are also posing a real threat to cyclists.
1:53 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Selfies Putting Athletes in Danger at Tour de France
Michael, we know about the selfie craze. Now it's dangerous too. Very dangerous if you're a rider in the tour de France. We know the legendary race, the tour de France. Fans have been able to get up and close and personal with the riders but this new selfie craze has spectators becoming a real danger to the cyclists. The world's largest annual sporting event. Now snap-happy tour de France fans are creating danger on the road thanks to some selfie-ish behavior. This he showed what appears to be a selfie inflicted incident requiring. This is what happened when you risk everything for a photo. One woman sharing a selfie on Twitter showing she's dangerously close to the rider saying "Nearly die". After receiving backlash she tweeted "I was not in the way. The road was open. I just look close and nearly died was an exaggeration." Tejay van garderen calling the new trend a dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity" and saying I love the crowds and thank you for your support but please give us room." Cycling selfies are not new. One took it a step further snapping this photo with Markel site exhausted and gasping for air after winning the race. That fan later apologized. With three weeks left in the tour, cyclists are hoping for fewer photo finishes. And the tour now moves from Britain over the channel to France. We're going to see if the French are quite as selfie crazed as they were in Britain. Or that they heard this. For a picture. I like you said, the vanity -- the mixture of vanity and stupidity. Give them room. Another check of this severe

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{"id":24463316,"title":"Selfies Putting Athletes in Danger at Tour de France","duration":"1:53","description":"Excited fans posing for pictures are also posing a real threat to cyclists.","url":"/GMA/video/tour-de-france-photo-danger-selfies-putting-athletes-24463316","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}