Toy Marketing Under Attack During Holiday Season

Tanya Rivero follows a story of a young girl outraged by gender targeted toys.
3:22 | 12/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toy Marketing Under Attack During Holiday Season
Well, some toys are under attack this holiday season. And not for the usual reason, which is often safety. This time, it's about marketing. And the idea of girls' toys and boys' toys. There's one, young girl leading a fight because she wants to give her brother an easy-bake oven for christmas. Tanya rivero is on the story this morning. Reporter: Good morning. This is example of one of the toys coming under fire this holiday season. It's a beauty salon. And critics say it displays girls in stereotypical roles. Experts say mixing up toy options for girls and boys could be a good thing. One very concerned big sister is starting a move to make sure that toy companies get that memo. 4-year-old gavin pope loves to play with his big sister, McKENNA. Whether it's pretending to be a knight. Cooking day. Reporter: Or a cook. What do you want to be when you grow up? A chef. He's the best with cooking. Everything I do in the kitchen, he wants to help with, whether it be the dishes or whether it be cooking. Reporter: In this video, shot by McKenna, gavin tells what he most wants from santa this year. I want a dinosaur easy-bake oven. Reporter: But this aspiring chef was dismayed to find hasbro only makes the ultimate easy-bake oven in pink and purple. And the ads and packaging don't show a single boy. ♪ Make more bakes ♪ Reporter: So, 13-year-old McKENNA TOOK MATTERS INTO THEIR Own hands. And began a petition on change.Org, calling on hasbro to alter its marketing and color options. He should know that it's okay for him to go against societal norms and societal gender roles. Reporter: Some experts say McKENNA IS ON TO SOMETHING. In order for children to not face limitations in their occupational choices, I really think it's important that we present them with gender-neutral toys. Reporter: And this holiday season, overly gender-specific toys are a hot-button issue. This butterfly beauty shop from lego's friends line, has drawn the ire of a group called campaign of a commercial-free childhood. They nominated it for their award, saying it's so jam-packed with condescending stereotypes, it would make barbie blush. But in contrast, the swedish top toys group, have just published a catalog of gender-neutral toy images. Top toys sells a blue and green kitchen, shown complete with a boy in blue apron. AS OF THIS MORNING, McKENNA HAS Collected 9,500 signatures in her patrician. We reached out to hasbro and lego for comment. But I ran into this exact same problem with my own 4-year-old son. I found a lovely wooden kitchen, stained the color of wood. Send it to jake. You make a good point. So many chefs are actually men. Not just women in the kitchen.

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{"id":17855196,"title":"Toy Marketing Under Attack During Holiday Season","duration":"3:22","description":"Tanya Rivero follows a story of a young girl outraged by gender targeted toys.","url":"/GMA/video/toy-marketing-attack-holiday-season-17855196","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}