Track Kids' Fevers on Smartphones With New Hi-Tech Thermometers

The new generation of digital devices helps parents monitor their children's health from afar.
2:49 | 01/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Track Kids' Fevers on Smartphones With New Hi-Tech Thermometers
Who is watching the kids right now, you two? We're going over to the social square to talk about what's next up on the "Heat index." Dr. Besser is with us. We want to talk about something new. A high-tech way to track your child's temperature even when you're not at home and Dr. B. Is with us with these digital devices that monitor their health on your phone. How does it work? That's right. So one of the thingses th that's really hard for parents taking a child's temperature and there's three times of new innovative technology making it easier for parents to do that. Pretty cool. I want to show you three devices today. The first one is called temp track. A soft patch that you put on a child's body, okay, and it will monitor their temperature for 4 hours, send that information directly to your mobile device so you have -- You put this on when you feel like they're getting sick or first notice a temperature. Ginger, come over here. Ginger has been wearing one of these. I'm the child today. You are like a child. She has a patch on monitoring here -- right here on this iPad of her temperature over the course of the morning. You can set a limit so if there's -- if it goes high it'll alarm and let you know. That's great. This is not fda approved yet. You can't buy it yet but it's coming down the road. How do you like these? There are two other devices I want to mention. One is kinza. First approved device for a mobile phone directly sends the information into your phone and lets you track it. Then the third device is something called pacify. Look at this. Something that a child will suck on. Looks like a pacifier and it will send the information directly to your mobile phone, as well and track that information. All right. So why do we -- when do you want to recommend that parents use these? I got to say they're really cool but I think that it may play into parents' fear of fever and one of the things we know that is fever is part of the way that our body fights off infection. When your child gets sick and get a fever, their white blood cells will rev up and kill a virus. As a pediatrician I'll treat it if a child feels uncomfortable because it will help them sleep better but don't want to wake a sleeping child up with a fever. Dr. B., thanks for letting us know about these product. Bottom line, should we get one of this em? I don't think it's really necessary. Tool helicopter-ish. A regular thermometer. If your child is acting well and has a fever, not a big deal. Iffer's acting sick and they have a fever, you want to know because it could mean that they have an infection that you really want to treat. Now I got a free wax, so, you know. Thank you, Dr. B. Thank you, ginger. Glad to know you're just fine. You look good. Very good. Important to know we did reach out to the makers and ki kinsa said it monitors Simms of illness and medication and help doctors and parents go et a full understanding of what's going

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"The new generation of digital devices helps parents monitor their children's health from afar. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28543887","title":"Track Kids' Fevers on Smartphones With New Hi-Tech Thermometers ","url":"/GMA/video/track-kids-fevers-smartphones-tech-thermometers-28543887"}