Tracking Cyber Monday Deals

ABC News' Becky Worley tracks the latest online deals that are going live early Monday.
2:42 | 11/29/15

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Transcript for Tracking Cyber Monday Deals
procrastinators of America, if you skip black Friday and small business Saturday, cyber Monday is coming up tomorrow. Our Rebecca Worley is tracking the deals and join us from San Francisco. What's the single best item to buy today? Shoes and clothes. Yes, I'm talking to you, Paula, let's focus on shoes. Okay. Online shoe site has a huge sale up to 70%. If you have a favorite brand, check their website. I know the boots I want are going on sale and your favorite department store, many won't announce their sales until tomorrow morning. Cecilia is writing down everything you're saying. One other question, I understand this is a big issue for rob and me, beauty is also big on cyber Monday. Yes, Dan, hair spray. It literally goes on sale. It's worth a look. Check Se fore Ya and ultra tomorrow. And certain brand lines. Also the body shop, 50% off everything. So zstock up on that pink grapefruit body wash, guys. A direct quote from rob, Se fore Ya is my jam. Okay, so what about electro electronics, you know Thanksgiving is massive. It's not over yet. Electronics, still good to buy. Walmart has an LG 65-inch TV it's on sale for $799, $500 off. Gaming consoles, a hot seller. has an xbox bundle that's $100 that will start off. Let me ask you about Amazon, I was just looking at Amazon's wish list. A washer, dryer, I have a vacuum cleaner in my cart. Is Amazon, setting aside the depressing list that she just enumerated for us, anything we should know about Amazon. Dan, xwraul is a genius. We're talking about staples. Thank you. Yes, am zone is going to go big, a few highlights, bosh tool, black and decker tools, up to 25%. Paula, downloadable games, 15% off. She needs to relax with some console gaming and. Yes, I do. Okay, Becky. Thank you so much, Becky. Coming up on "Good morning America," one of the stars of

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley tracks the latest online deals that are going live early Monday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35472116","title":"Tracking Cyber Monday Deals","url":"/GMA/video/tracking-cyber-monday-deals-35472116"}