Training the 'Worst Dog in America'

Find out whether this problem pooch can turn a new leaf in the new year.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for Training the 'Worst Dog in America'
All right, you have heard the phrase, bad dog. You're about to meet a dog so bad she won what title, david? The worst dog in america, right? Keep going with this. All right. Can the new pooch in the new year become a new dog? Angie says, I like you two together. Just repeat. That's right. And there is hope, perhaps, for this particular dog deemed bad to the bone. But consider this. Pets are often a popular holiday gift, particularly dogs. Problems arise when people don't do research. Don't think a cute dog is necessarily the best dog for you. Do the homework. Here's why. Meet lucy. A champion dog. Not exactly best in show. But her unmatched destructive nature earned her the title worst dog in america. Lucy required a lot of stimulation. Reporter: It wasn't until she chewed through her cage that she new she was a prime candidate for camp bow wow's champion. The prize. A year long of pet rehab at camp bow wow. She displayed the behaviors that typical parents have with their dog but to a degree that needed expert intersengs. Reporter: She wept straight to work with a full day of focus exercises and group play. But lucy's naughty behavior is something we have seen on screen. That's a good boy. Reporter: Marley took the cake when it came to destruction. But if bad behavior translates into real issues in homes across the country. It's responsible for 80% of all animal abandonments in shelters. Reporter: The hope was lucy would become the poster dog with success. Her energy is subdued with a cd for dogs. Watch. Choose the right dog. Often, I deal with people that have this great big dog and a tiny apartment. Reporter: Work out your pup. If you can go out and walk and run and play 30 minutes a day with your dog, most of these behaviors magically disappear. Reporter: Be select I of what goes in the bowl. Many of them are fed foods and treats that are high in sugar and simple carbs. You must be willing to dedicate time, energy, and effort. Reporter: We check in with lucy. Has there been a transformation? From come egg home to a destroyed living room to this. The same dog that wasn't dragged her owner down the street now calmly strolls along. From demolishing toilet rolls to be unfazed by them. The last check in at the one-year mark -- lucy is manageable. She's listen to instruction and relax. Reporter: After more than a year of reigning as the worst dog if america, it may be time to pass that torch to a more deserving pup. All dogs with be trained. Even those that seem hike they're reckless. Dogs apparently want to be disciplined. Something for you the take into consideration. You're a new dog owner. This is the mom that wraps the dog for christmas. Day four of puppy training. It's going well. He's sweet. 11 weeks old. We're training him away. Pictures tomorrow.

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{"id":21367591,"title":"Training the 'Worst Dog in America'","duration":"3:00","description":"Find out whether this problem pooch can turn a new leaf in the new year.","url":"/GMA/video/training-worst-dog-america-21367591","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}