Transform Your Diet: Fix Your Sugar Fix

ABC News' Becky Worley and Dr. Jennifer Ashton share some tips on how to curb your sugar cravings.
4:19 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Transform Your Diet: Fix Your Sugar Fix
to fix our sugar fix without ruining your waistline and ABC's Becky Worley is trying them out for us. Take a look. Reporter: Candy, soda, cookies. Oh, cookies. Your sweet tooth is real. New science showing cravings may be a result of the bacteria in our guts. Some of the bacteria in the gut are actually sending signals to the brain saying eat more sugar. Reporter: So how do we maintain a healthy heating goal? One answer, trick your sweet tooth with a new focus on minimizing sugar first some products to wage the war. My new fave dessert teas. Zero sugar and no sugar substitutes. Just a combination of natural herbs and flavors that evoke a sweet response from the taste buds. But, I mean, come on, black forest tea, chocolate hazelnut, yum. No sugar. Next up, full throttle fruit. What's new, a focus on the fiber. That fiber makes you feel full while satisfying your craving and if you're on the go dried fruit. But make sure it's no extra sugar added. The thing about fruit, I have an eat all you want philosophy that makes me feel like I'm not restricting myself. There are times when fruit doesn't cut it. I want the real deal. Even candymakers realize the value of reducing portions when it comes to sugar, make it small and long lasting. Go for like a ginger candy. Very strong flavor. It's really small. You get that satisfaction of finishing it in its entirety and it's really low in sugar. Reporter: So when I do give in, I aim for the greatest satisfaction with the least amount of sugar. For "Good morning America," Becky Worley, ABC news, Oakland, California. That was a look of satisfaction. I'm here with Dr. Jen Ashton. She'll tell us way tos curb our sugar cravings. Lara is with our audience trying out different approaches. Very 150iscientific. This group is eating fruit to satiate their sugar buzz. These guys have a dessert tea with flavors like red velvet then finally over here we gave them little lollabipops. Do you feel like you're -- is it feeding the beast? I feel like it's very satisfying. It is. I want everybody to raise hands so we got lollipop, fruit, tea, raise your hand who is satisfied and getting share sugar? Tell the truth. All right so the dessert teas trick the mind and the little bit of sugar sometimes does go a long way. I love. So there are some options out there. Becky Worley said. Sometimes just give in a little bit. I know. Really interesting when you take a look at this, Dr. Ashton. How much sugar we should be having and how much sugar most of us are actually having. That is jaw dropping so most group, CDC, world health organization, even the American heart association recommending no more than about 25 grams of added sugar a day which looks like this. All right. Get ready. That's what the average person is getting every day added sugar like about 77 -- Three times as much. Are you counting sugar from carbs as well as are adding in sugar. Anything that's not what's called naturally occurring which means fruit. Okay, so anything that comes out of a package where there are those hidden term, that's what we're talking about. You're board certified this obesity and have your nutrition degree. Right. Why do we crave it so much. This is an area of such intense interest and research and nutritional science. If you look at the brain, we know that this is due to multiple factors that sugar actually activates the reward centers in the brain. It releases chemical Neu neurotransmitters. These are brain hormones that are the exact same ones that get triggered and released in substance abuse and addiction. So this is due to genetics, environment, behavior, it's even due to the amount of sugar your mom consumed when she was pregnant with you. Wow. So incredible. Sometimes nothing to do with you. Plame your mom again. Moms always get the rap That's right. We know about weight loss but serious health risks. Inside the body it is implicated in brain disease, gum disease, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome. This is serious. We need to pay attention. Try those dessert teas. No sugar added. Trick the brain. Aot more coming up.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley and Dr. Jennifer Ashton share some tips on how to curb your sugar cravings. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45131375","title":"Transform Your Diet: Fix Your Sugar Fix","url":"/GMA/video/transform-diet-fix-sugar-fix-45131375"}