Transplant Recovery: Survivors on Getting Back to Normal

Transplant recipients discuss how they adjusted to a new normal, time off work during illness.
4:15 | 02/18/13

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Transcript for Transplant Recovery: Survivors on Getting Back to Normal
-- has ten point five months since -- bone marrow transplant long time. For us to be without her each and every morning but in medical terms that's actually considered a fairly rapid recovery thanks to good health. And great care and we're getting ready now to welcome our friend back to Good Morning America. Less than 48 hours from now Wednesday morning we -- -- to some others on similar journey getting back to normal after there transplants. Who. It's. Not ready for eight years yeah in this here I'll be wage -- transplant. And -- all at any time thickening you can Robin Roberts is about to join and most powerful army only fourteen years -- And two years old this week she'll join the ranks of survivors who have been pushed to the edge I just got my sixth -- After extended periods of isolation giving back to work is a huge milestone for so many bone marrow transplant recipient. He's living the life post transplant often means a new normal thank -- this -- -- we'll celebrate my third birthday. A leukemia diagnosis and 2009 for Jennifer Jones Austin mansion an abrupt suspension for twenty year career as a child and family advocate in court is -- part of my life. It's -- part of my identity. I was anxious I was frightened to come I was concerned about whether or not I was going -- -- ground. I saw that it was raining cats dogs I'm a leukemia survivor I have since -- transplant. Three years ago and for school teacher -- -- Valenti. The transplant meant she had to stop doing things she enjoyed like hiking but mostly men being away from a job she loved these kids really make you feel like to have a purpose and we have a lot of dishes in here and I need to come out this year -- seven years -- chef and restaurant owner Nancy C a -- was seven months pregnant when she was diagnosed with India us yeah. Definitely have a technique personality. She struggled to disconnect from an eighty hour work week on the line I missed that people recognize. Seeing all the -- and send my staff and -- -- that drama. During illness and recovery all three women had remarkable support from friends and family but after years focused on careers they yearn for the routine of work. I miss the camaraderie my life became consistent. With my illness. At times it felt very lonely and -- patients get the -- from doctors were turning to work to be bittersweet. Is it also means making some big adjustments I was -- very easily. Can work a couple of hours and then -- have to go home. And didn't abandon and sleep. Need to be careful that I wouldn't shake hands with people transplant recipients like Jennifer Jason Nancy often go back to work with a healthy dose of -- phobia. And a modified work schedule it was good to be back and getting up and coming -- to -- every day. The simply being at war is a gifted -- -- -- fresh air. To have this restrictions anymore and soon the illness is in the rear -- -- you know sometimes I think about the cancer. Who wouldn't -- I don't dwell in the because I have been released from line and I feel like I have purpose and I moving forward it feels good. Welcome back -- take it for me it's great to be back to work. But don't forget to take care of yourself. I wish you all the best is you adjust to. Coming back to work full time. And I you can do -- Mom. -- she wants again she has -- often. Is normalcy back molested normalcy back in again Wednesday morning again all -- it's great to see stories of people who've been through it and how healthy they look and how. Passive and energetic they are I mean early on with people would come up and share their stories. You know of members of their family or someone they -- had gone through it it was really comforting to know that they had poll energetic lives after this there's like half. After -- -- attend Latin I don't know her talking about being seven years old man -- all of it's really special begins five months if you think it's been forever but boy she is. -- -- schedule and we cannot wait for Wednesday morning to get here.

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{"id":18529090,"title":"Transplant Recovery: Survivors on Getting Back to Normal","duration":"4:15","description":"Transplant recipients discuss how they adjusted to a new normal, time off work during illness.","url":"/GMA/video/transplant-recovery-survivors-back-normal-18529090","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}