From trash to treasure: Lara Spencer revamps old furniture

ABC News' Lara Spencer and Taryn Mohrman of Woman's Day share tips on how to transform shabby old furniture into something new and chic.
5:19 | 06/28/17

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Transcript for From trash to treasure: Lara Spencer revamps old furniture
the rough and refurbishing them whether it's a find from a flea market or family heirloom and current day of "Woman's day" magazine played into my passion and asked me to be part of a feature on hand me down makeovers. Take a look. ??? it's like a treasure hunt. Nothing I love more than upcycling and updating out of fashion furniture. She's a hood ornament from a Cadillac but to me she's a towel holder so when the staff of cat woman's day" asked me to reinvent some of their pieces I jumped at the chance. We took end tables, a sentimental yet outdated hand me down from a great grandmother and gave them new life by adding cool clean marble tops, a coat of sleek gray paint and replaced the hum-drum handles with modern poles. So now the end tables are turned. "Woman's day" Taryn Mohrman is going to help me make magic. My mother's antique tea cart is in rough shape. We want to give the chairs a more sophisticated look. Think you can help us. We'll do a clean wood finish and then find some new 235b brick. You and the "Gma" gang are going to sand this down, prime and paint it. Meanwhile, I took the glass to the "Flea market flip" workshop to paint on a mirrored effect. It's literally turning glass into a mirror. Simple. Easy and quick and now for the big reveal. Done, done, done. Time to flip your furniture. Taryn Mohrman, lifestyle director of "Woman's day" magazine, thanks for being here. Hanks for having me and thank you for your work on our project. It was really fun. Check out the magazine, by the way. They're pretty big transformations and asked you to help with not only a "Gma" staff member but some of our viewer stuff. We have the viewers right here. Come on up, guys. Everybody, I want you to meet Greg, Paula, Zoe and Ezra and you guys had these chairs for awhile of we have a picture of them up in the monitor. Tell us about the chairs and what were you were hoping to do with them. Where did you find them and what was the plan? We actually found these on the curb and we thought they had a lot of potential. Give me a high-five on that. They're gorgeous. Thank you. Do you know they're actually very nice midcentury really solid beautiful wood chairs. What did you want when you handed them over and said, okay, I'm trusting you. What was your hope. We had them in the kids' room because they were so funky and colorful but we would love for them to look more Danish design to bring them into the dining room. You knew they were diamonds in the rough. Everybody, come on out. Let's see them. Billy, oh, Billy. Wow! Amazing. Amazing. They've -- they're all grown up. These are really, really high-end chairs that somebody left out for the trash because of the old paint and the old fabric. So, tape, what did you and the gang do. We're talking about makeovers but clearly these chair needed a make under in a big way. To do that we had to cut through all the thick layers of paint with a stripping solution and sanded them down and created this custom color by mixing together a walnut with a black gloss and that really gives it the chic look like something you could buy in the store today then the upholstery we used a faux leather will give the family durability and easy to wipe clean. You mentioned you might use them in the dying room as auxiliary seating so we thought we know you two. These were so -- we screwed them in but popped them out. You put the fabric on almost like a wrapping paper. It's so simple. You need a staple gun and basically a little -- it's very, very simple. We'll get to our next piece. Ali Ehrlich from "Good morning America," we'll talk to Ali. So Ali is one of our great producers. You have this bar cart. Tell us the history and where it was and why you loved it. I've been asking around in my family. We think that my great grandmother purchased it in an antique store in the 1940s. Early 1940s in coastal Connecticut around Madison, we think. We think it is 1940s as well. One of she's outdoor garden pieces, useful but you wanted to bring it indoors and update it, make it a little more modern. What was the goal. So I've been keeping it in my apartment for years, falling apart and my goal was to turn it into a cool chic elegant bar cart. Let's see if we did it. Let's go. Bring it on out. Only have 30 seconds. Wow! It's really pretty. Isn't it? I love it. Glass is in so so simple. Used a simple brass spray paint and one with a primer in it and then this you guys is call mirror effect. It ha that dated glass. Now look at this. It actually looks like it's mirrored and took two coats of this spray paint, mirrored top, spray paint. Very simple DIY. You guys, these are simple tricks. Got to thank the "Flea market flip" gang for teaching me how to use it. I love it. Check it owl in "Woman's day" and see the wonderful before and afters. Thank you, Taryn. It's on newsstands now. You happy? I'm so happy. I'm going to throw a party and

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{"id":48317002,"title":"From trash to treasure: Lara Spencer revamps old furniture ","duration":"5:19","description":"ABC News' Lara Spencer and Taryn Mohrman of Woman's Day share tips on how to transform shabby old furniture into something new and chic. ","url":"/GMA/video/trash-treasure-lara-spencer-revamps-furniture-48317002","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}