Traveling Safely Out of Ebola-Stricken Liberia

Dr. Richard Besser explains the steps airports are taking in an effort to keep the virus from spreading.
4:13 | 10/04/14

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Transcript for Traveling Safely Out of Ebola-Stricken Liberia
And now to the efforts to fight ebola directly at its source. Dr. Richard Besser is returning home from ground zero in Liberia. And he joins us from Brussel, Belgium, to show the precautions being taken on his journey out of Africa. Reporter: The key to stopping ebola is making sure sick people can't get on the plane. I started my journey home, and how good a job in Liberia keeping the disease in the borders. Arriving in Brussel overnight, out of ebola-stricken Liberia. There's no signs saying anything about ebola. On the plane, some attendants wearing masks and gloves. But by the time we landed, business as usual. We have been here a week, time to go home. The airport, now the front line of the battle to contain ebola, to keep it from spreading around the world. So much ebola in Liberia. Can you really keep it from leaving. Driving in, guards check my temperature. Fever is one of the first signs of ebola. And remember, you're not infectious unless you have storms. Fev fever, no -- nothing we did as journalists us in the high-risk cameraman. A cameraman diagnosed with ebola just days ago. His parents sitting down with ABC news. He just spent six weeks filming the tragedies, people dying, waiting for care. His mind went there, he thought he's going to die. Reporter: He will be flown to America tomorrow, headed to the same ten-bed isolation unit in Nebraska that treated the doctor with ebola. I think their confidence level is boosted given the experience we had previously and recently. Reporter: But for all the travelers on my plane. Questions. Have you been in close contact with someone with ebola. This is a good questionnaire, but only work it is people read it carefully and tell the truth. We know Eric Duncan did not reveal he had carried an ebola victim. Another check point, a visual inspection. My temperature taken a second time. Lots of check points to make sure that people who are sick are not leaving the country. All clear. But so many lives depending on trust. And a thermometer. I'm halfway home now, but now I'm mixed in with all the other european travelers. When I arrive in America later today, no idea where I've been. That's one of the reasons why calls for closing the border just won't work, Paula. Dr. Besser, phenomenal reporting. But a couple of questions. White house officials admitted that the reaction has been rocky in perception and reality. They remain confidentiality there's no outbreak. How can they be sure. Reporter: Depends on outbreak, may be more cases, people with direct contact with Mr. Duncan. But they have identified the contacts and won't be able to spread disease unless they're sick. By monitoring them, no outbreak beyond those people. You showed us firsthand the lack of precautionary items in Brussel. Short of closing the borders and stoppi iping flights, how does the U.S. Protect itself from the spread of ebola. Reporter: It's clear how to protect America. Do everything we can to symptom disease in west Africa so there's no more people boarding planes bringing it to our borders. But we have to be prepared. Every hospital has to take this as a wakeup call. Ask where they have travelled and act on the information. All right, just amazing reporting. And I feel like anywhere I go at this point, this is the concern of so many. And their concern is that the reaction and the criticism that they were too casual in their response to this. And questions about whether or not enough is being done on the ground in Africa right now. Wish rich safe travels.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Dr. Richard Besser explains the steps airports are taking in an effort to keep the virus from spreading.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25962514","title":"Traveling Safely Out of Ebola-Stricken Liberia","url":"/GMA/video/traveling-safely-ebola-stricken-liberia-25962514"}