Treasure Hunt Leads to Underwater Proposal

Happy couple talks about the romantic and creative marriage proposal.
4:08 | 05/20/13

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Transcript for Treasure Hunt Leads to Underwater Proposal
Check this out this is fantastic I can tell you. What I wanna steal any thunder isn't about coupled diving and look at -- and I learned that he winds down. They were diving they were on on of vacation obviously an. She hadn't -- big idea. He had that apparently there was a treasure map that he said that -- you know days their relationship was. Captured here we see it. What -- and then Indiana and we didn't mind the the treasure chest there elitist who. I don't wanna give anything away didn't -- -- -- good enough to join us. -- lucky couple Josef and so much to get to OK so hit number one. Are you worried that that -- I mean you are now putting this -- underwater just so happens that this isn't this is a daring idea how did you get it. -- -- -- Occurs occurs Matsuzaka -- -- -- I was going to -- that a lot of proposal that was you know get and it's -- been treated at -- Kurdish force before. And well we're gonna the Caribbean and -- didn't -- -- but I think so. Neither upset demagogues you would I would be important to sing like a good idea -- How it's how do you secure that rain doesn't add to that it didn't you -- it away or get buried. There was actually -- dental floss illustrated that might be NC. That is and you are a lot he went on in your swim trunks bar I just got again at first -- might call mom. Before ISI has it come out she had -- now but I will say you actually give -- away under water you're doing Matt. That's saying. I think what -- -- where it's like she's. Trying to election that clears the way that they and you're you're not just trying to stay underwater what is your reaction win of all places he actually did it in a place where he couldn't actually say to you. Well. I honestly thought that it was going to be on the cruise but I'm happy -- it feel like the Earth Day he's really impatient. And it's no act Jennifer's dad wasn't thinking about it -- all mark because -- -- you'll still -- accent. And then -- underwater they shouldn't while her other eat your green lights. In -- and yeah and -- -- he's trying to like that's cool treasure chests. And kept on winning and in -- any way down CNN. And it I thought it might trip over his flip burger you're getting out -- -- And I'm gonna rain on the -- and math -- mayor and the hello. Also him and I will -- you know look -- the deal. This is -- so hauler. Is the kids it is such a big monumental thing to do bars but especially as you just mentioned like you were on the him. What you're expecting it and we can't we can't very from our usual routine because this. He's thinking now let's take a walk I -- -- you know so. Hill and a city without tiring to some dental flossing your -- even apprehensive. Try brilliance that is brilliant. -- -- -- -- I think annual review because it that you there's always the concern like the guy doesn't on the Jumbotron like a you know I actually like this because it's very private and intimate -- had big currently fifth. Flashed the conference are designing it should be an intimate moment how it was between exhibit but basically just between the -- just the tip of Manhattan and demands of me my husband nearly is that -- -- -- -- -- I listen regulation yeah are you crazy kids congratulate have you -- are so are we time that I have you -- tied the knot or is that yet to be tied. And -- I'm gonna finish school prayer dying actually -- and I am all for joining us today it's fantastic that was great it was us. -- -- -- -- -- About the truth of that so many times you see these intricate proposals and that it's almost more about bed pomp and circumstance and the theater and it is about the two of them -- -- --

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{"id":19216154,"title":"Treasure Hunt Leads to Underwater Proposal","duration":"4:08","description":"Happy couple talks about the romantic and creative marriage proposal.","url":"/GMA/video/treasure-hunt-leads-underwater-proposal-19216154","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}