Tropical Storm Colin Makes Landfall in Florida

The storm is headed to the Carolinas after pounding Florida with torrential rain and flash floods.
2:42 | 06/07/16

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Colin Makes Landfall in Florida
the latest on tropical storm colin. Bearing down on the Carolinas this morning after pounding Florida with torrential rain, flash flooding overnight and ABC's gio Benitez is in Charleston, South Carolina with the latest, gio. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you. Just take a look around me. Local flooding all across the southeast from Florida all the way up to the Carolinas. Then you said it, Florida, the sunshine state hit hardest overnight. Overnight tropical storm colin making landfall. Winds battering the coastline and drivers who braved the storm. In Florida, the governor declaring a state of emergency in 34 counties. That's half the state. We have notified our national Guard anticipate so far we tension to activate 6,000 National Guard members around the state. The sunshine skyway bridge shut down, visibility so poor officials did not want drivers at risk. Storm surge along with more than 10 inches of rainfalling causing many communities to flood. This morning much of cedar key underwater. The wind is what is causing the trouble. I want to untie it from the boat. Reporter: Conditions so rough in the gulf of Mexico boats getting washed up on shore. This man using a kayak to get around his St. Pete neighborhood. In Jacksonville this home surveillance video capturing the moments a possible tornado struck. Thank god nobody was hurt. Reporter: Many families spent the day racing to nil safill sandbags. 50-mile-per-hour winds bringing down tree, damaging these hopes near Tampa. And back out here live in Charleston, South Carolina, as they deal with some of this flooding we can tell you tropical storm colin will be moving up the coast. It'll be entirely out of the area by this afternoon, robin. All right, gio, thank you. We turn to ginger for more on that causing all kinds of problems. Even once colin is gone still moisture feeding up and where we're starting. Brand-new video out of Tampa, Florida. That is what your commute looks like in many places. So many folks writing saying we have 4 to 7 inches and, remember, this is the flash flooding that was coming with that feeder band so the moisture that is pulling up not even associated directly with the center of colin which is off the coast of South Carolina, that thing moving northeast bringing a lot of rain to the outbreak but, look, 10 A.M. As gio was implying, everything is off and still get a lot of moisture behind it in central Florida, 3 to 5 inches and could see Po ponding on roadway, doesn't mean it's over even though it goes out to sea. A lot more coming up. Thank you, ginger. Move on to the latest on

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"The storm is headed to the Carolinas after pounding Florida with torrential rain and flash floods.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39662085","title":"Tropical Storm Colin Makes Landfall in Florida ","url":"/GMA/video/tropical-storm-colin-makes-landfall-florida-39662085"}